Monday, October 31, 2011

Week of October 31 - November 4, 2011

Friday HW
1.  Almost all TSO forms have been returned.  About half of the Mono Cliffs forms need to be handed in with fees if you are going, or with a No if you are not going.
2.  Geometry final test on Tuesday November 8.
3.  Diversity project due in class on November 10.

Thursday HW
1.  Test pack is due on Friday with parent signature and corrections.
2.  Diversity project is due November 10.  Homework Club times are a good way to catch up, work ahead or ask questions.  Last Monday, no one came to the Homework Club time.  I encourage anyone to attend, although I require a minimum of two attendees.
3.  Spelling Text page 25 # 1,3,4; and page 26 #7,8,9.
4.  First two paragraphs of the Play Critique good copy should be done tonight.  We will finish it in class tomorrow and hand it in.
5.  Geometry Final test on Tuesday November 8.  Useful study preparation would be to finish the "Show What You Know" questions on pages 106-107 of the text and make a list of special vocabulary for the unit with definitions.
6.  TSO and Mono Cliffs forms and fees.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 42-43.
2.  Spelling Dictation tomorrow.
3.  Last 2 paragraphs of Play Critique in rough draft form.  We spent about 30 minutes in class working on that today.
4.  Test Pack is due on Friday with parent signature and corrections.
5.  TSO and Mono Cliffs forms.
I heard some thoughtful letters today to our mayor -- bravo!  However a fair number of students did not have a 10 sentence rough draft done. 

Tuesday HW
1.  Diversity project due November 10.
2.  Math HW Book pages 40-41.  Today we worked on 3D isometric drawings using triangular dot paper.  It was a difficult topic.  We'll revisit it again tomorrow as a warmup.
3.  Paragraph 1 and 2 of the Play critique in writing notebook -- rough draft form.  We've brainstormed lists of elements of the play we could discuss prior to this and spent at least 1 hour in class leading up to the writing of the draft.
4.  Rough Draft of a formal letter to Mayor Ford taking a side on the issue of Toronto's Zoo in the Qwriting notebook.  Each student has a Writing Sense text book to bring home that shows an example of a formal letter (pages 12-13).  It is about 10 sentences long.  We brainstormed and listed the Pro and Con arguments concerning the Zoo's fate on the whiteboard today.
5.  TSO form and fee.
6.  Mono Cliffs forms and fee.

Monday HW
1.  TSO form and fee.
2.  Mono Cliffs form and fee.
3.  Diversity project due November 10.  Tomorrow we will work on formal letter structure.
4.  Happy Halloween!  Please begin bringing in candy wrappers (clean, nut-free) that we can use for a mosaic project organized by our school's Green Team.  Our class will be creating a fantasy animal.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week of October 24-28, 2011

Friday HW
The Hallowe'en parade is coming on Monday after lunch, at about 1:00 PM.  Our Vice principal recommends that costumes be worn after lunch if possible to help preserve the morning for school activities. It should be fun!
1.  TSO form and fee as soon as you can.
2.  Mono Cliffs forms were distributed today.  Our class visit is on November 23-25, 2011.  Please check your schedule for sport or other activities that conflict with that Wednesday to Friday slot for the trip when you are making your family decision on participation.  Our principal has approved cheque payments for this activity given the higher cost.
3.  Diversity project is due on November 10.  We work on aspects of it every day in class.
4.  Spelling text work page 21 # 1,2,4 and page 22 # 6,7,8.  The students had about 20 minutes to work on this in class today.

Thursday HW
We had another informative assembly this afternoon on the pitfalls of Facebook use.  Students received some helpful tips about privacy settings.  Althought the stated Facebook age is 13 years old, we recognize that it is widely used and some familiarity with the dizzying settings is probably very important.  I encourage all families to discuss the uses and cautious practices that will make Facebook experience less risky.
1.  Toronto Symphony forms have been distributed to all students at this point.  Please return your responses to room 365.
2.  Animal research project due on November 10.  We have been using the laptops and desktops for the past two days and working through some of the growing pains.  The kids are learning quickly.
3.  Although I provide protractors rulers and compasses to the students for geometry, the TDSB stock order materials are generally very flimsy and prone to breakage, much like the pencils that do not sharpen well.  I recommend the purchase of a simple Math set of the sort one finds in little metal or plastic boxes with a shorter, clear ruler and a better quality compass.  I'm finding that the fine motor demands of compass use and the cheap quality of the tools is making the skill hard to learn.  Having said that, I do want to reiterate that no one needs to purchase these items.  I will provide the materials I have for quizzes and day to day work to the extent that I am able to do so.
Wednesday HW
(Our afternoon was altered significantly on Tuesday by an assembly.  As a result I did not assign any homework for the class, nor post an entry on the blog,  because I did not work with them all afternoon and we did not have any agenda time.)
1.  Math HW Book pages 36-37.  We spent about 15 minutes in class today workin on these pages.
2.  Math Geometry Quiz 1 on lesons one and two of Unit 3 tomorrow.
3.  Spelling Dictation on Word Up list 4 tomorrow.
4.  Animal research project due November 10.

Monday HW
1.  Rough draft of "A Person I Admire" is due in class tomorrow.  We are peer editing and correcting, then starting to write the good copy in class.
2.  Spelling word up cycle activities and 15 sentences.
3.  Math Quiz Lessons 1 and 2 of Geometry Unit 3 on Thursday, October 27.
4.  Animal research project is due on November 10.  We discussed Powerpoint use today and outlined which sections were on papwer presentation formats and which would be done electronically on Powerpoint.
5.  Scholastic order due on Wednesday, October 26.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week of October 17-21, 2011

Friday HW
1.  "Person I Admire" rough draft is due in class on Tuesday for peer editing and good copy writing.
2.  We have a patterning quiz on Monday October 24.  It covers the last three lessons of the unit.  I may have a final test after that depending on the results I see.  Yesterday I stated it would be the last one, but I've reconsidered.
3.  Scholastic orders due on Wednesday for those interested.
4.  Animal research project due on November 10.  Three parts (animal notes/pictures, friendly letter and map) wil be presented via Powerpoint and the other half will be on paper (narrative story, formal letter, classification chart). We will begin introducing Powerpoint features on Monday.
5.  Please bring some pencils for yourselves to class.  My system has worked very well, but our stocks are seriously depleted.  Based on my own experience as a student and a parent I think it is reasonable to request that students come equipped with basics such as erasers and pencils.  Please contact me if you'd like to offer feedback. 
Here is a final clip from Twelfth Night.  Tom Rooney, who gave such a fine performance as Malvolio, is in full kit with smiles and yellow cross garters as he 'woos' the Countess Olivia.  I thought the boys and girls handled Shakespeare's bawdy elements well and enjoyed them in the spirit of the play.

Thursday HW
1.  Test pack is due tomorrow with a parent signature and corrections in the whte bin.
2.  We wrote notes and/or rough drafts of the "Person I Admire" profile for about one hour in class today.  I was pleased to see so many students had taken research notes or made interviews already.  Our classroom focus was on the note-taking and the introductory paragraph writing.  The rough draft is due in class in the booklet on Tuesday October 25.
3.  Our last Patterning test is on  Monday October 24.  It covers the last three lessons of the unit: divisibility rules, solving equations and integers.  It also has some treatment of pattern rules from the first two lessons.
Here is another video from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival production of Twelfth Night.

Wednesday HW
Our trip yesterday to Stratford was very successful.  The feedback I received today and yesterday from the students was similarly enthusiastic.  I was very appreciative of the kids' exemplary conduct as well.  They got on well with each other and were open to the experience.
1.  Math HW Book pages 8-9 and 10-11.  We have a quiz tomorrow on lessons 1 and 2 of the Patterning unit.
2.  We have our last "Person I admire" note-taking/rough draft writing period tomorrow.  Come prepared.
3.  Theatre Critique started today.  We will work on it again tomorrow in class.  Come prepared with your program and the rubric.
Here is a small reminder of one of the lively songs we enjoyed yesterday.

Monday HW
1.  Tomorrow is our Stratford trip.  Students should arrive in class at 8:15 AM with a packed litterless lunch and a warm jacket or other clothing suitable for the weather that day.  We will likely be back at about 7 PM depending on traffic.  NO BACKPACKS NEEDED.
2.  Have some research or interview notes in class on Wednesday for "A Person I Admire" note-taking and draft writing.  Students should have chosen a person they already know a little bit about (given that they admire the person) but should not rely only on their prior knowledge.  The rough draft is due in class on Tuesday, October 25 in the booklet that I handed out today.  We will have at least two more in class writing and note-taking periods before then.
3.  Patterning Quiz on Lessons 1 and 2 of unit one on Thursday, October 20.
4.  Sign and correct test pack.  Return it to class on Friday, October 21.
5.  Animal research project is due in class on November 10.
6.  News Journal Summary and reflection.
Today only one student wanted to come to my Homework Club time which was posted in my October calendar.  I will only host it if there are a minimum of two students.  I encourage all students to come to Homework Club times to correct tests, get extra help for a question or use computer resources.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week of October 11-14, 2011

Friday HW
1.  Book Report reading.
2.  Review the "Play Critique" topic sheet so you are prepared to write in class on Wednesday, October 19 after the play.
3.  Animal research project due November 10.
4.  Think about a subject you can interview or research for "A Person I Admire" writing assignment.

Thursday HW
1.  News Journal summary and opinion.
2.  Math HW book pages 6 and 7.
3.  Animal research for project due on November 10.

Wednesday HW
1.  Spelling Text page 17 # 2-5; page 18 #6,8; page 19 #1,2.  We started this work in class today for about 20 minutes in class.
2.  Animal research for Diversity project.  We have used computers in class on three occasions to record facts on the "Who Am I?" rough notes page in the Science booklet.  The due date is November 10.
3.  Book Report reading.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 2-3 (worked on in class today and started last Friday), and 4-5.  We focussed a considerable amount of time explicitly teaching vocabulary such as "term", "recursive pattern", "successively/consecutively", "alternately" and "apply a rule".  These are important words to review and memorize in order to understand word problems that are coming.
2.  Spelling Cycle activities for word up list 3.  We started these in class.
3.  Dictation for Lesson 2 on Tuesday.  We were supposed to write this on Friday, but my in-school workshop and actor visits made the day too busy to fit it in.
4.  Behind the Door good copy due in class tomorrow.  Eleven students were already done before we started today for a 45 minute writing period.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week of October 3-7, 2011

Wednesday HW
1.  Math Quiz # 4 on Friday October 7, 2011;  Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide whole numbers.  No Calculator use on this quiz.
2.  Book Report due tomorrow.  I am away at a tournament but the reports will be collected by the substitute teacher.
3.  "Behind the door" rough draft due in class tomorrow. 
4.  Spelling Dictation on Friday for Word Up List 2.
5.  Scholastic orders due on Friday.  Cheques only please, made out to "Scholastic Canada Ltd.".

Tuesday HW
1. Math HW Book pages 32-33.
2. Book Report due Thursday.
3. Brainstorm for "Behind the Door" story due in class tomorrow.
4. Math Quiz 4 Friday October 7, 2011: Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide whole numbers. No Calculator use on this quiz.
5.  Scholastic orders due on Friday.  Cheques only please, made out to "Scholastic Canada Ltd".

Monday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 30-31.
2.  Book Report due Thursday.
3.  Spelling textbook page 13 # 2,3,4; page 14 # 5,6; page page # 1.
4.  Math Quiz 4 Friday October 7, 2011:  Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide whole numbers.  No Calculator use on this quiz.