Monday, January 28, 2013

Week of January 28 - February 1, 2013

Wednesday HW
1.  Book Report due February 7.
2.  Test Pack due with parent signature and corrections tomorrow.
3.  MMS pages 60-61.
4.  Math Quiz Unit 4, Lessons 6 & 7 on Friday February 1.
5.  Bring a smaller sized cereal box for art class on February 19.

Tuesday HW
1.  Book Report due February 7.
2.  Test pack signed by a parent and corrected by Thursday January 31.
3.  MMS pages 58-59.
4.  Bring a smaller sized cereal box for Art class in two weeks time.
5.  Math quiz on Unit 4, lessons 6 and 7 on Friday February 1.

Monday HW
1.  Test pack signed by a parent and corrected on Thursday January 31.
2.  Book Report is due on February 7.
3.  MMS pages 56-57.  A fair number of students did not complete that last pair of practice pages on pages 54-55.  We spent three periods on Math today, two of them on the lesson connected to this homework.
4.  Space poem good copy due in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week of January 21 - 25, 2013

Thursday HW
1.  Test Pack was distributed today to all students.  It should be corrected and signed by a parent.  I'd like it to be returned next Thursday February 1.
2.  Book Report reading.  The next report is due on February 7. 
3.  MMS HW book pages 54-55.
Tomorrow is a PA Day and there is no school.  See you Monday!

Wednesday HW
1. Get colourful items for the Brochure collage cover.
2. Next book report is due on February 7. You should select a book if you haven't already.

Tuesday HW 1.  Space booklet to the end of page 13.
2.  Get colourful items for the Brochure collage cover.
3.  Next book report is due on February 7.  You should select a book if you haven't already. 

It was quite cold today.  I reminded students that they should consider dressing for the weather indoors as well as outdoors during the winter months.  A light t-shirt will be of small comfort if we are lacking heat in class (as sometimes happens at Runnymede) or if there was a real emergency (e.g., a fire drill) that required speedy evacuation.  Long sleeves, a vest, a fleecy top or a hoodie that can be unzipped to cool off are examples of what I recommend.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Week of January 14 - 18, 2013

Friday HW
1.  Math Quiz on Unit 4, Lessons 1 to 5 on Tuesday January 22.
2.  You should have chosen a TV ad in class today for our Media Literacy analysis.  Summarize it fully in the Writing notebook.
3.  Complete a rough version of your 11 to 20 line Free Verse poem on your Space word topic in the Writing notebook.  You should use the organizer chart we made today for raw material.
4.  Bring your writing notebook to class on Monday.

Thursday HW
1.  Book Report due tomorrow.
2.  Biodiversity story due tomorrow -- 22 of 23 collected.
3.  MMS pages 50-51 on rounding decimals.  Students can skip the game on page 51 #1.
4.  Math Quiz on lessons 1 to 5 for Unit 4 on Tuesday, January 22.
5.  Bring earbuds to class tomorrow for a TV commercial search.

Here is an interesting video of the International Space Station, as composed and posted by the departing commander of the station, Sunny Williams, back in November.  The size of the station really comes across well in this video.

Wednesday HW
1.  Book Report due by January 18.
2.  I have 20 of the 23 Biodiversity stories submitted.  These are due by Friday as well.
3.  Country Research is ongoing for Social Studies.  We had another laptop research period today, and we discussed in detail how to assemble the cover and the map.  We also had a talk about the sorts of information that would fit well in the "Conclusion" portion of the brochure.

Tuesday HW
1.  Book Report due by  January 18.
2.  Biodiversity story due by Friday.  The majority of printed stories (18 out 23) were submitted today in typed form.  Ask your child if he/she still needs to submit his/hers.

We had a Library book exchange today.  Most Country research books are already in my class for in-class borrowing.  If your son/daughter wishes to he/she may want to visit a public library for materials to supplement the online and printed resources I provide.
In relation to the Country Profile research activity we also had a discussion about plagiarism today that focussed on the requirement to acknowledge sources and avoid copying or close paraphrasing.   

Monday HW
1.  Book Report due by January 18.
2.  MMS pages 48-49.
3.  Space booklet pages 6 and 7.
4.  Biodiversity story due by Friday.  This activity is likely finished already by the majority of the class.  I wanted to provide a few extra days for those students who were sick or on extra holidays just before and just after the Christmas break in order for them to get caught up.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week of January 7 - 11, 2013

Thursday HW
1.  Book Reports due.
2.  Math Textbook pages 119-120 #2-10.  We have worked on these questions for two periods to date in class.
3.  MMS pages 46-47.
4.  Survey good copy due on Monday on the 12 X 18 manila paper that was distributed.

Wednesday HW
1.  Book reports due.  See Monday's note for more details.
2.  Space booklet page 3 due tomorrow.
3.  If you wish, get a Public Library book or other information source for your in-class Country Profile research activity.  we spent 30 minutes today working with laptops, receiving jot note organizers, dividing up topics in group conferences and receiving personal copies of the requirements of the brochure.

Tuesday HW
1.  Book Reports due.  See below.
2.  Space booklet page 2.
3.  Social Studies booklet page 8.
Students picked partners today for a Country Profile research activity that we will be doing in class over the next 3 weeks.  The due date for the brochure is at the end of January.  This is an activity that can be done entirely in class.  If students wish to visit a public library for additional book materials they can do so at their leisure.
We also spent an hour today learning to use Excel 2010 on the laptops to manage and present data collected from a sunshine survey.  Each student was able to produce a bar and a line graph at the end of the session.  They will use these skills to represent the data they collected for a survey question of their own devising.

Monday HW
1.  Book Report due on Thursday January 10.  Mistakenly I did provide a January 18 due date before the holidays so I have to honour that date.  I would prefer students hand it in on the earlier date which I published on the handout students received, however I will accept the reports on January 18 if they are handed in then.  There are no extensions for any reason after that 18th date.  Students should remember that the last report was handed in over 2 months ago as of the 11th.
2.  Math HW Book pages 44-45.
3.  Space booklet pages 1 (except for the Sun Dial Building question).