Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week of March 25-28, 2013

Thursday HW
There is no homework for this long weekend, but a few reminders and updates may be useful.

1.  On Wednesday I handed out the field trip forms for our end of the year trip to Camp Wahanowin.  With apologies, the turnaround time for the initial deposit is somewhat shorter than I'd like.  I appreciate your efforts and good will to help us meet these dates.  We had a lengthy discussion yesterday with the class about the particulars of the camp and its facilities.  We'll watch a video in the coming weeks as well so provide the students with more information.
2.  I collected a fair number of Problems of the Week today.  There are still eleven assignments outstanding.
3.  The cereal box is due in finished form next Thursday.  We've spent six class periods introducing and working on the activity to date.
4.  Thank you to parents and students for their support of the Parent Council's Spring Thaw activity through activity supervision and cake making.  The delivery date for cakes is April 2.  the supervision times on April 3 are 3-4:45; 4:45 to 6:30; and 6:30 to 8.
5.  The test packs I handed out last week were due today.  I will check again for the seven that were not returned today on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week of March 18-22, 2013

Friday HW
1.  Unit 10 Math Test on Tuesday March 26.  The last quiz had a class average of 87 %, which is very high. The in-class activity scores were somewhat lower but still in the B range.  Homework in the unit was generally strong but siome students did not complete half or more of the four practice activities.  Students should prepare for the test by studying the "Quick Review" sections of the homework book, reviewing special vocabulary in bold print in both the homework book and the text, and can use the "Show What You Know" question in the text on pages 402-403 for practice.
2.  Test Packs were handed out today.  They are due back in class with corrections and a parent signature by next Thursday.
3.  Bring a D Cell battery to class next Monday.
4.  Cakes: April 2
     Cake Walk:  April 3, during three time slots.
The class has been very well-behaved and productive since we returned from the break.  I am going to try having gum days on Fridays going forward in recognition of their efforts.  Way to go boys and girls!

Thursday HW
1.  MMS HW book pages 100-101.
2.  Math problem of the week is due tomorrow.
3.  Tales:  Heroes, Deeds and Wonders page 8 (interest line graph) is homework tonight.  No text is needed for this section.
4.  Cake walk baking and activity support .  (April 2:  cakes to school;  April 3:  support slots)
5.  Tomorrow is Library day after lunch.  As well, we have an additional gym class tomorrow afternoon with Mr. Kula during period 6.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math problem of the week is due on Friday.
2.  Parent council has asked grade six students for their support in a Spring Thaw activity called the Cake Walk.  Proceeds from this event are slated to be donated to our partner school in Moshono, Tanzania.  Students are asked to bring a baked cake to school on Tuesday April 2 as a prize in the cake walks.  Most boxed cake mixes are nut-free but special care should be taken in the icing or other toppings added to the cake.  Ms. Deschamps has asked that they be nut-free.  Many students in 365 were very enthusiastic about the prospect of baking a cake at home.
 3.  The Parent council also requested grade six support to help supervise the event during one of three shifts.  These are 3:00 to 4:45; 4:45 to 6:30 and 6:30 to 8:00.  A number of students signed up for times.  They should check with parents to ensure that they are permission from you to attend and that the time chosen is convenient for the family.  I would like to verify commitments by Friday for attendance and cake making.  Ms. Deschamps would need such support in order to hold the event.  Thank you!

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS HW book pages 98-99 on combined transformations.
2.  The problem of the week is due on Friday.  Students were reminded to complete portions of the work on the reverse side of the page.
On Wednesday Morning we have a visitor to our class from the University of Waterloo's Math Education Department.  Mr. Schurter will be hosting workshops with all grade 6 classes that day, starting with our class at 9 AM sharp.  We'll be exploring transformations with The Geometer's Sketchpad software.  Students are asked to arrive on time and ready to go with a laptop logged in as soon as they enter the class.  It should be fun!

Monday HW
1.  MMS HW book pages 96-97.
2.  Problem of the Week due on Friday.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week of March 4 - 8, 2013

Friday HW
1.  Have a terrific, safe and healthy holiday!  See you after the break.  Don't forget to turn clocks ahead an hour this weekend.
2.  Math notes:
  • We finished up with Unit 10 in class today.  We will have a unit test sometime during the week we return from March Break. 
  • We start a new unit at that time on Transformational Geometry (flips, slides and turns) with a Math workshop from the University of Waterloo's math department. 
  • The final Measurement assessment (volume and capacity, relating units of measure) had a class average of just over 75%.
3.  Mr. de Jager and I received approval from the principal and superintendant to take an end of the year excursion to Camp Wahanowin.  More information about cost ($350 or less) and dates (June 11-14, 2013) will be forthcoming after the break with letters and permission forms to gauge interest.

Thursday HW
1.  MMS pages 154-55. 
We made many connections to real world driving situations in our distance, time and average speed lesson today.  The students seemed very knowledgeable about those types of circumstances and applied them well to the math topic.
2.  Math Quiz on Unit 10, Lessons 1 and 2 tomorrow.
Wednesday HW
1.  MMS HW book pages 152-53.
2.  Math Quiz on Unit 10, Lessons 1 and 2 on Friday March 8.
The quiz on Monday March 4 (Volume) had an average of 83% and the previous one (on Money and Surface Area) had an average of 74%.  Great work boys and girls!
Tuesday HW
1.  MMS HW book pages 94-95; pages 150-51.
2.  Math Quiz on Relating Units of Mass and Capacity & Volume tomorrow.
3.  Math Quiz on Unit 10, Lessons 1 and 2 on Friday March 8.
Monday HW
1.  MMS pages 92-93 and pages 148-49
2.  Social Studies booklet page 1
3.  Math Quiz on Wednesday March 6:  Capacity and Volume / Relating Units of Mass
We started a new math unit today on Patterning.  It is very brief and will be completed within the week before the Break.  The unit recalls vocabulary from the earlier Patterning unit we did (growing, shrinking, alternating and recursive patterns; terms, input/output machines, and rule statements) as well as graphing skills we recently studied (origin points, ordered pairs, labels and titles, interval and scale choices, and ruler use).  The primary area of difficulty in the early going is recalling how to determine a patterning rule.  I found that was rather fuzzy in the students's minds.
As we gear up for our electricity unit, here is an oddity for Music on a Monday: