Monday, February 25, 2013

Week of February 25 - March 1, 2013

Friday HW
1. Volume and the Cubic Metre quiz on Monday, March 4.
2.  Relating Units of Mass and Capacity & Volume Quiz on Wednesday March 6.

Thursday HW
1.  Library tomorrow.
2.  Math Text book work pages 230-31 # 5,6 and 7.
3.  MMS HW book pages 90-91.
4.  Constellation art work is due in class for tomorrow.  We will assemble all the pieces and paste them on the large sheet to hand in the final copy.  We had two more classes today to work on it.

Wednesday HW
1.  Volume Quiz on Monday March 4.
2.  Volume activities in the Math text on pages 225-26, # 3 to 8.
3.  Constellation art work done for class on Friday.

Next week is Spirit Week.  Here is the theme for each day:
Monday:  Funny Hat/Crazy Hair day
Tuesday:  Twin day
Wednesday:  Fan day (sport jerseys, movie tees, etc) 
Thursday:  Retro day
Friday:  Pajama day

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS pages 88-89.
2.  Book report is due on April 4th, 2013.  I had posted a date that was on a Sunday -- sorry!
3.  Math Quiz tomorrow on Surface Area.

Monday HW
1.  Journal due in class tomorrow.
2.  Surface Area quiz on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.
3.  Math Text page 223, # 9 and 10.

Use this video to help construct your own sundial.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week of February 19 - 22, 2013

Thursday HW
1.  MMS pages 86-87.  This work on surface area likely requires additional rough work pages to complete correctly.  The booklet doesn't leave enough space.  We completed four modelled questions today together.  A major point for students to remember is drawing diagrams of both the 3D solid and the 2D net for the solid.  That usually helps them a great deal.
2.  Creation Myth good copy is due on Monday with 8 coloured cartoon panels and accomapanying captions that tell the story of the poem we read.
3.  Book Report reading is ongoing.
*** We need just one more cereal box for a class set.

Wednesday HW
1.  Cereal box collection is ongoing.  We have 21 boxes for 24 students.

We introduced Surface Area today in Math class but did not progress to the point where I could assign homework.
We've been making use of the laptops a fair bit in recent weeks.  Here is an interesting video about music and computers.  The HAL 9000 computer also sang this number in 2001.  It has a nice retro chiptune feel to it.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math quiz on money tomorrow.
There was no homwork on Tuesday.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Week of February 11 - 14, 2013

Wednesday HW
1.  Problem of the Week due tomorrow.
2.  Measurement quiz 1 on Unit 6, lessons 1 and 2 (Time Zones and 24 h Clock) on Monday, February 18.
3.  Measurement quiz 2 on Unit 6, Lesson 3 (Money) on Tuesday February 19.
4.  Cereal box for Tuesday, February 19 Art class.
We had a seating change today in class.  After polling the student confidentially, I made the fairest spread possible while using my judgement to make effective working groups.  It seemed to be received well today.

Tuesday HW
1.  Problem of the Week is due on Thursday.
2.  MMS pages 82-83.
3.  Cereal Box for February 19.  So far we have nine boxes for a class of 24.

Monday HW
1.  Math Quiz tomorrow:  Unit 4, Lessons 10,11,12.
2.  MMS pages 80-81.  We worked on this in class today.  About half the class finished in class time.
3.  Cereal Box for February 19.
4.  Report Cards go home today.  Please return envelope and signed page 4.
5.  "It's News to Me" Problem of the Week due on Thursday February 14.

Commander Chris Hadfield is doing terrific things for outreach in outer space.  This collaboration with the Barenaked ladies and the Wexford Gleeks is far out! (sorry...)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Week of February 4 - 8, 2013

Friday HW
There is no homework this weekend.  However I neglected to post yesterday that the Math quiz scheduled for Monday will be written on Tuesday instead.  There were six absences on Friday and I thought perhaps those students wouldn't have study materials at home.  Happy shoveling!

Thursday HW
1.  Math problem of the week due tomorrow.
2.  Last math Quiz on Unit 4, lessons 10, 11 and 12 on Monday February 11.
3.  Penny drive.
4.  Cereal boxes for February 19.
5.  Interview requests sent home yesterday are being returned.  I got seven today.  Please return them as soon as possible.
6.  Tax receipts for four families went home today from Runnymede's parent council.  If you are expecting one please ask your child about it. 
7.  Diary of an astronaut is due tomorrow.  we've spent in excess of six class periods on this assignment and have viewed videos on the ISS, the Hubble, and the shuttle for insight on mission types and astronaut life for background.

Wednesday HW
1.  Book Report due tomorrow.
2.  Math problem of the week due on Friday.
3.  Last Unit 4 math Quiz on Lessons 10,11 and 12 on Monday, February 11.
4.  Penny Drive.
5.  Interview request forms were sent home today.  Please return them as soon as possible.

Do you like Space?  Are you hungry?  Then maybe this is for you.'s_Hamburger
File:Hamburger hst.jpg

Tuesday HW
1.  Page 65 from MMS should be done in the math notebook tonight.  I revised the homework yesterday but did not update the blog last afternoon.
2.  Math Quiz on Unit 4, Lessons 8 and 9 tomorrow.
3.  Book Report due on Thursday Feb. 7.
4.  Math problem of the Week due ion Friday Feb. 8.
5.  Penny Drive Fundraiser.  We had a good number of pennies today.  Way to go!
6.  Cereal Box for Febraury 19.

Monday HW
1.  Book Report Due on February 7
2.  Math Quiz Unit 4 Lessons 8 and 9 on Wednesday, February 6.
3.  Constellation Story Planner shown for checking tomorrow.  We worked on this in class for more than 50 minutes today as I circulated to take questions and provide feedback.  We formed success criteria for a good story together in class today to help fill in this graphic organizer.
4.  MMS pages 64-65.  Zero in the quotient is an area to be mindful of.  I also stressed the use of estimation to help check answers for reasonableness.
5.  Math problem of the week due on Friday (No Business Like Snow Business).  I expect the students to provide a more detailed Answer-Prove-Extend/Explain solution on the reverse side.  It should be readable and include number work and sentences.  We've modelled this style several times in class, most recently today during math class.

Here is some lunar lightheartedness from 1972 for our Music on a Monday.  There is a substantial minority of our class that believes the lunar missions are elaborate hoaxes.  I'll keep trying to persuade them otherwise.