Monday, February 27, 2012

Week of February 27- March 2, 2012

The webpage for my class has been updated with a March newsletter as of today, March 1.  Visit at for the look ahead.

Friday HW
1.  Math Unit 6 final test on Monday.  Use the returned test packs to help focus your study.
2.  Dialogue quiz on Tuesday.
3.  Test pack handed out today -- 2 Math quizzes, a book report rubric and a diagnostic for Reading.  Please have a look at the diagnostic, which gives some rationales for the current point of view Reading focus.  Students should return the test pack with corrections and your signature by next Friday.

Thursday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 148-149.
2.  Math Unit 6 unit test on Monday March 5.  Students will receive the final two quizzes in a test pack tomorrow to assist in study.
3.  Dialogue quiz on Tuesday March 6, 2012.
4.  Look at the video clip below on the perspectives or points of view one might have on the classic story of "The Three Little Pigs".  It is an advertisement that updates the tale in very modern terms and is presented by a British news organization (The Guardian).  We will also look at Jon Sciescka's book on the subject in class as well.  Think about comments and questions you might make in a class discussion after viewing it.  For example, is any news source able to provide the whole story?

The Guardian:  open journalism

Wednesday HW
1.  Finish Dialogue 2.0 sheet.  Use the package to study for the quiz on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.
2.  Math Unit 6 unit test on Monday March 5.
3.  Wahanowin Health form.
Mid-week diversion:  Everyone's favourite -- Mickey the Firefighting Cat!

Tuesday HW
1.  Find out some information about student life in the 1920's for our centennial mural project.
2.  Math HW book pages 94-95
3.  Math Unit 6 Lessons 8 and 9 quiz tomorrow (Volume and Capacity; Relating Units of Measure).
4.  Return any Wahanowin Health forms.

Monday HW
Today we had a number of absences due to illness, hockey and Kiwanis.  No new material was introduced.  We used the time to catch up on some art and poetry activities as well as on the Space booklets.
1.  Find out some information about student life in the 1920's for our centennial mural project.
2.  Report envelopes and parent signature slips.  I would really appreciate these being handed in tomorrow.  Thank you.
3.  Test packs were due last Thursday with a parent signature.  There are still seven missing out of 28.
4.  Math HW book pages 92-93.
5.  Math Quiz unit 6 Lessons 8 and 9 (Capacity and Relating Units of Measure) on Wednesday, February 29.  The unit test will be on Monday, March 5.

Music Mondays:  Apollo astronauts letting loose on the Moon in 1972.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week of February 20-24, 2012

Thursday HW
Great day for skiing on Wednesday.  The boys and girls were terrific!  Thank you to the parent volunteers who pitched in heroically yesterday.  Much appreciated!
1.    Choral reading poem chosen by Monday.  The groups have had chances to look for a suitable 14 lines or better poem to work on for an oral presentation.
2.  Space Booklet page 13.
3.  Read your Constellation myth story.
4.  Please return report card envelopes.
5.  Wahanowin medical forms.
Thank are also due to the hard working students in our class.  They showed up today with their completed book reports, most of the test packs and a good bit of preparation for the math quiz today judging by the early results of my marking.  Bravo!

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz 3 on Thursday February 23 (Volume and the Cubic Metre).
2.  Book Report due Thursday February 23.
3.  Wahanowin medical form due.
4.  Test pack with parent signature and corrections due on Thursday.
5.  Tanka rough draft for Thursday in your Writing notebook.

Music Monday (on Tuesday):  Science labs are terrific!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week of February 13-17, 2012

Thursday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 90-91 (The Cubic Metre).
2.  Wahanowin medical form
3.  Book Report due February 23.
4.  Test pack due with parent signature and corrections next Thursday.
5.  Math quiz 3 on Volume and the Cubic Metre on Thursday, February 23.

Wednesday HW
1.  All Space Booklet pages up to the end of page 12 have been assigned.  We have had class time to work on each of them.  The expectation is that the work be done legibly and in sentence form.  If experiments were missed then Homework Club times can be used to catch up.
2.  Wahanowin medical form.
3.  10 of 30 test packs are still remaining to be handed in.
4.  Book Report due on February 23.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 88-89.
2.  Science Booklet page 12.
3.  Book Report due on February 23.
4.  Wahanowin Update letter handed out today.  This letter contains information about the final balance ($210.00), packing and a Camp Health form (another one!).  Please return the completed health form as soon as you can.  Thank you.
5.  Test packs due tomorrow with parent signature and corrections.

Monday HW
1.  Math Quiz unit 6 Lessons 3 and 5 (Money to $10 000 and Surface Area).  As a reminder, students should be able to solve problems using balances, withdrawals or deposits to a bank account and be able to calculate the area of all six sides of a rectangular prism and use that information to solve problems.\
2.  Students had a chance today to select a colourful photo from a collection over 100 National Geographic magazines to complete an Art/Poetry assignment.  If a student did not find a photo that was appealing enough in that collection, he/she has an obligation to select one from another source outside the classroom and have it ready for Wednesday.
3.  Book Report is due on February 23.
4.  Today the report cards were distributed.  Interviews begin on Wednesday morning and continue until Friday.  Please contact me if you wish to meet and have not scheduled a visit yet.
5.  Test packs due on Wednesday with parent signature and corrections.

Music Monday offering:  cell phone interruption handled in a new way...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week of February 6 - 10, 2012

I have updated my class web page at with the class newslettter for the month of February.  Click by for a look.

Friday HW
1.  Math Quiz Unit 6 Lessons 3 and 5 (Money to $10 000 and Surface Area).
2.  Sign and correct test packs for Wednesday February 15.
3.  Book Report due February 23.

Thursday HW
1.  Finish colour work on the two five sense poems.
2.  Spelling text page 33 # 1,2,3 and 4.
3.  Math Quiz 2:  Unit 6 Lesson 3 and 5 (Money and Surface Area) on Tuesday February 14, 2012.
Students should be able to add and subtract amounts of money up to $10 000 using decimals and dollar signs.  They should also know what the terms balance, deposit and withdrawal mean and be able to determine a month-ending bank balance after several deposits and withdrawals.  The surface area concept includes the formula (A = l  x  w) and the conceptual understanding of finding the top, side and front areas of a given rectangular prism (described in words or with a picture), adding them up and doubling that sum for the total surface area.
4.  Book report due February 23.
5.  Report cards go home on Monday, February 13.
Today we worked on 4 experiments for Space in class which we will finish first thing tomorrow morning.  Here is a short video of Canada's latest space exploration:  Lego Man in (near) Space.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math Quiz on Unit 6 Lessons 1 and 2 (time zones and 24 h clock) on Thursday February 9.
2.  Book Report due February 23.
3.  Math HW Book pages 86-87.
4.  Spelling text page 31, # 4 and 5; page 32 # 8,10 and 11.  Write this work in your notebook after today's cycle activities.
5.  Spelling Cycle 7 -- no sentences.
6.  Sign and correct test packs for next Wednesday.

Tuesday HW
1.  Five sense poems due in class tomorrow.
2.  Spelling Cycle 6 Dictation tomorrow.
3.  Math Quiz on Unit 6 Lessons 1 and 2 (time zones and 24 h clock) on Thursday February 9.
4.  Book report due February 23. 
Here is a short refresher video  on the measurement concepts we are learning now from the Khan Academy.

Monday HW
1.  Grammar quiz on sentence stucture tomorrow.
2.  Five sense poems.  Two rough versions due tomorrow.
3.  Spelling Cycle #6 including sentences.  Dictation on Wednesday.
4.  Math Quiz on Time Zones and the 24 h clock on Thursday February 9.
The return of Music Monday!  In anticipation of our Electricity unit, here is an interesting video.