Monday, September 17, 2018

Week of September 17 - 21, 2018

Thursday HW
1.  Haunted Walk trip form was handed out today.  Please read it carefully to determine whether or not your child can attend this OPTIONAL trip.  We need a fair number of parent volunteers to make it happen.  It is lots of fun.  The cost is $10 in cash only.
2.  The Stratford letter with permission form to see The Music Man was handed out as well today.  Time is tight for the turnaround for this trip.  Fees for this excursion as payable through School Cash Online only.
3.  20 minutes of reading .
4.  Terry Fox -- $20 for Terry.  Dig Deep!  We had some phenomenal donations today -- wow!
5.  French quiz Thursday September 27.

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS page 15 due in class for tomorrow.
2.  20 minutes of reading -- Reading Response #3 is due in class tomorrow.
3.  Terry Fox -- $20 for Terry.  Dig Deep!
4.  A good copy that shows editing and changes for your future paragraph.  This should be in your Writing notebook.  I encourage you to skip lines.  We had time to write in class today, self-edit with a COPS sheet, and take part in a whole-class shared writing and editing activity.  Students should already have had a minimum five sentence rough draft, so this seems like a reasonable amount or improvement and rewriting for one day.
5.  French quiz Thursday September 27.

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS page 14 ONLY due in class for tomorrow.
2.  20 minutes of reading -- Reading Response #3 is due in class on Thursday.
3.  Terry Fox -- $20 for Terry.  Dig Deep!
4.  Social Studies -- complete "On the Lines" questions one to ten for the article about the Canada-Saudi Arabia tweet.  We started this in class and had several periods of discussion around the story.  To access the Google Classroom from home, open the Chrome browser (it works best with Google Apps), then type in Then type in your student number and password.

Monday HW
1.  MMS pages 12-13 due in class for tomorrow.  I gave out Light Blue duo-tangs with our Math homework program.  Each unit there will be a separate package.  we are starting with Unit 2 on Number Sense.  In class we discussed the concept of a million and read a book called "How Much Is A Million?" as a class before doing some same group shared work and then a selection of textbook problems.
** A Note on Textbooks:  There are only enough for students to share these.  That means they cannot go home and in-class problem work is exactly that -- in class and not homework.  The homework is found in the duo-tang.  Every student has a duo-tang and it should be at school every day.  All questions should be attempted, including the "Stretch Your Thinking" ones unless I have made other arrangements with specific students.  The Quick Review section that leads off each day's work should provide a sufficient recapitulation of the concepts in play for that lesson and a road map for how to structure a solution.
2.  20 Minutes of reading.
3.  Reading Response Journal #3 is due in class on Thursday.  Only four were incomplete last round, which is a good improvement over the first batch.  Students should be reading my corrections and implementing the feedback on future journal pieces.  As an example, I should not be correcting capital lettering and there/they're/their for several consecutive pieces after feedback has been provided.
4.  Terry Fox -- $20 for Terry fundraising.  The School Run day is Thursday, September 27.  Deep Deep -- for all of us!
5.  Paper towel roll and box of Kleenex for class use.  Thank you for those 15 students who have contributed to our shared supply.