Monday, December 11, 2017

Week of December 11 -15, 2017

Monday HW
1.  Toy and Food drive donations.
2.  Story of Stuff is due in class on Thursday, December 14 by the end of the day.  Students were given a good copy construction paper sheet today.  We will have laptop cart access tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday in class.
3.  Literature Circle group presentations start tomorrow.  Students have a schedule of their presentation dates.  Roughly speaking the "Curses" and "Westing Game" novel groups present on day 2 each week and the "Dust" and "Egypt Game" groups present each day 3.  This cycle will continue for the next four weeks.  Students have a guide/outline of their role responsibilities with detailed expectations.  They each have a novel.  The work should be drafted first in the Writing notebook and then written as clean good copy on a single sheet of lined paper that I can provide.  The expected length is one side of paper, single spaced.  It should be paragraphed unless they are word definitions.  Today was our fourth in-class period of reading, note-taking, and writing..
**The material can be taken home provided it is not left there or damaged in transit.  If you foresee potential damage (water, juice, etc,) perhaps it would be a good idea to place the folder and novel in a ziploc bag in the backpack.