Monday, December 17, 2012

Week of December 17 - 21, 2012

Wednesday HW
1.  Grammar test on Sentences on Thursday December 20.  Students have four corrected packages from which to study for this multiply choice and paragraphing writing test.
2.  Book report # 2 is due on January 18.
3.  Students can bring some snack foods, that include fruit, on Friday afternoon.

Monday HW
1.  Math Text:  Show What You Know pp. 200-201 # 1-8 as practice for Wednesday's test.
2.  Unit 5 final test on Data Management on Wednesday December 19.
3.  Grammar test on sentences Thursday December 20.  Students have four corrected packages to study from for this test.
4.  $5 electronics afternoon fundraiser for Project Penda on Wednesday.  Students can bring their own electronic items or use school laptops/desktops.  We are prohibiting use of Facebook and Youtube during this time.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Week of December 10 - 14, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Math Data Management Test rescheduled to Wednesday December 19.
2.  MMS pages 74-75.  Most students completed this in class today.

I'm just in a state of disbelief after news of the school shooting in Connecticut.  Please spare a moment in your thoughts for the families of the children and teaching staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  There are no words....

Thursday HW
1.  Finish Journal touch up.  I prefer a pen copy for the polished version.
2.  Complete Mandala wheel art activity that we started last week and continued today.
3.  Final Data Management test for Unit 5 is scheduled tentatively for next Tuesday December 18.

This video from last night's Hurricane Sandy benefit had a few fans in the class:

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS pages 74-75
2.  Two page journal anecdote using story dice icons as a starting point:  "An unlikely day in a most unusual place."
3.  Final Data Management test for Unit 5 tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday, December 18.
An interesting video from the University of Nottingham.  They have a whole series on the periodic table of elements. 
Tuesday HW
1.  Story Dice journal due on Thursday.
2.  Social Studies booklet page 7.

Monday HW
1.  Mean, Median and miode 3.0 worksheet due tomorrow.
2.  Test Pack # 5 (distributed last Tuesday) is due tomorrow with corrections and a parent signature.
3.  Math makes Sense pages 72-73 if you haven't completed it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Week of December 3 - 7, 2012

Thursday HW
1.  Mean Median and Mode 2.0 practice sheet.  I marked all the ones that were handed in today and the common error was in the Median area.  Students were not re-ordering the set of data from smallest to greatest before locating the middle number.  As well, some students were not averaging the two middle numbers if the set had an even amount of numbers.
2.  MMS booklet pages 72-73.
3.  Data management quiz on Monday December 10 on Unit 5, Lessons 1,2 and 4.
4.  Test pack #5 with parent signature and corrections is due on Tuesday December 11.

Wednesday HW
1.  Journal on five senses based on The Giver.  Due tomorrow.
2.  Mean, Median and Mode practice sheet for tomorrow.
3.  Data Management quiz on unit 5, lessons 1,2 and 4 on Monday December 10.
4.  Test Pack #5 is due with a parent signature and corrections on Tuesday December 11.

Tuesday HW
1.  Spelling Text page 39 # 2,3; page 40 # 8; and page 41 (Haiku draft only, on your endangered animal).  We started this last week in class and worked on it again today.
2.  Grammar package #4, started in class today.  We are building an impressive background of sentence theory to improve our writing style (Simple, Compound and Complex sentences; Inverted and Natural order, Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative and Exclamatory styles).  Students should gradually be employing their understanding of these aspects to make changes in their writing.  We will be emphasizing their use in Journals.
3.  MMS pages 70-71.
4.  Test package # 5 was handed out today and is due (with corrections and a parent signature) on Tuesday December 11.  It contains three dictations,  a patterning unit test, a geometry quiz and unit test and a play critique rubric.  The critiques themselves are on our boards and contain written feedback.

Music on a Monday (on Tuesday).  I heard some kids whistling Queen songs today in class, so here we go...

Monday HW
1.  Science -- Formal letter practice draft is due tomorrow.
2.  Social Studies booklet page 5.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week of November 26-30, 2012

All assigned homework is due on the next day unless otherwise noted.

Friday HW
1.  Unit 3 geometry test on Monday.
2.  Laptops for Project Penda.
3.  Find a name to whom you will send your formal letter.
4.  Library on Monday.

Thursday HW
1.  Math MMS Hw book pages 40-41.
2.  Math Unit 3 Final test on Monday December 3.
3.  Spelling Dictation #8 tomorrow.
4.  Grammar package #3 due tomorrow.

Wednesday HW
1.  Finish "Cell Phones in the Subway" Journal.
2.  Math HW:  MMS ppp. 42-43.
3.  Project Penda laptops.
4.  Math Unit Test on Geometry Unit 3 on Monday December 3.

Tuesday HW
1.  Today's grammar package [lessons 14, 15 and 16] should be completed for tomorrow.
2.  Biodiversity booklet page 13.  We started this on Friday in class, continued it yesterday and had a further 20 minutes for it today in class.
3.  Social Studies booklet page 5.
4.  Project Penda laptops?
5.  Rough Drafts of Biodiversity story done for tomorrrow.

Monday HW
1.  Make sentences from the fragments of lesson 10 grammar activities.  These sentences should appear in the writing notebook.  This is a continuation of in-class work (about 10 minutes) today.
2.   Spelling Cycle # 8:  4 Lists and 15 Sentences.  Dictation on Friday this week.  We had 30 minutes to make the lists and start the sentences today.
3.  Project Penda letter went home today.  We discussed the letter together and I took some questions.
4.  Social Studies Booklet pages 3 and 4.  We had about 75 minutes to work on this in class today.

Music on a Monday:  I like the global sentiments the song conveys.  It's a good kick-off for out Project Penda effort.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week of November 19 - 23, 2012

Wednesday HW
The afternoon was affected by the Strings symposium absences much as yesterday was with Band.  Students completed an Art assignment that was already in progress and the band students were able to catch up on Social Studies work we did on Tuesday.  Drama students used the extra time to forge ahead in their narratives.  Since they have more time to write and edit they may likely be typing their finished copies at the end.
1.  Final Patterning unit test tomorrow.
2.  Spelling Dictation #7 tomorrow.
3.  Book Report Reading.

Here is a Khan Academy video on Quadrilaterals.  Much of it is a review of grade 4 concepts from the Math Makes Sense text, but the information hasn't been retained well by all students so a review would be useful.  I am reinforcing this in 20 minute one-to-one practices that include compass and protractor support for polygon construction.  I've conferenced with twelve students so far.

Tuesday HW
1.  We had an unusual day due to the Girls 411 presentation (AM) and the Band symposium (PM).  Students were out of class for large portions of the day and no new work was started outside of the quiz during period 3, which was the only period in which my entire class was present.  We used the periods around that one to catch up on Social Studies work and to continue work on a narrative story draft.  There was no homework on Tuesday night.

Monday HW
1.  Cycle # 7 spelling work:  four lists and 15 sentences due tomorrow.  I checked each list today and most students were starting the third list in class when we wrapped up.  If you are absent, take a pretest with a friend at the next recess when I don't have duty and make your word up list using the #7 list on my webpage.  You should be ready to write on Thursday or Friday this week.
2.  Journal on The Giver.  If you are absent you can get the topic from a classmate at the next indoor recess when you return.
3.  Geometry Quiz tomorrow.  I handed out a study sheet to the students who were present today.  It is a model for students to follow when they create their own lists for future quizzes.
4.  Patterning final unit test on Thursday November 22.
If you are absent on test or quiz days, you should be prepared to write on the day you return. 

Music on a Monday:  I like the DIY aspect of this video.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week of November 12 - 16, 2012

Thursday HW
1.  Return Report Card envelopes with a parent signature.
2.  MMS homework book pages 38-39 are due on Monday.  We spent 20 minutes in class on it today.
3.  Spelling Text work I assigned in class today on pages 31 to 33 is due on Monday.  These are sight word spelling activities, capitalization exercises and reviews of word groups such as 'antonym' and 'homophone' which are frequently misunderstood in writing that I see in our class work.  We spent 25 minutes in class on these activities before they were assigned as homework.
4.  Geometry Quiz on Unit Three, Lessons 1 and 2, on Tuesday November 20.  A study sheet was given to all students to reinforce the vocabulary I mentioned earlier on Monday which should be memorized.
5.  Final Patterning Unit Test on Thursday November 22.
6.  Library period on Monday after Lunch.
Today was our final scheduled period on the Endangered Animal Biodiversity Powerpoint.  Student who are not yet finished should find time at recesses when I do not have duty to finish up by next Wednesday.  We will build success critieria together as a class early next week for oral presentations based on the strengths and needs shown in the News Journal cycle of presentations. The main focus is have student completely refrain from reading each slide to the class. 

Wednesday HW
1.  Return report card envelopes with a signature.
2.  Tomorrow is retake picture day.
3.  Dictation on Thursday -- Word Up # 6.
4.  Test pack # 4 is due tomorrow with corrections and a signature.  I handed it out on Friday November 9th.  (I received seven of them back to date.)

Our Blue Day participation was very well received by our Kindergarten reading buddies -- they loved it.   Way to go boys and girls!  Our final drama workshop with Andre Sills took place this afternoon.  The students showed great appreciation for his work, although we did have a less productive day than we did on Monday afternoon.
Tuesday HW
1.  Return report card envelopes with a signature.  Thank you.
2.  Dictation on Thursday:  Word Up #6.
3.  MMS Practice pages 36-37.  This work is due in class tomorrow for corrections.  We covered these attributes today:  scalene, isosceles and equilateral triangles, convex and concave polygons.
Wear BLUE tomorrow for Reading Buddies Blue Day.

Monday HW
1.  Return Interview request forms with preferred choices.
2.  Return Progress Report envelopes with a parent signature.
3.  Spelling Cycle #6:  4 lists and 15 sentences.
Today we spent a fair amount of time in Math reviewing the definition of an "attribute" ( a characteristic all things in a group share) and making a list of common ones in this Geometry unit. 
These included: regular and irregular figures; triangles (acute, right, obtuse, scalene, isosceles, equilateral); quadrilaterals (square, rectangle, paralleleogram, trapezoid, right angled trapezoid); pentagons; hexagons; octagons; angle types (acute, right, obtuse, reflex); equal sides; and parallel sides.
In addition to the motor skills needed to measure and construct angles and polygons in this unit, there is a significant amount of vocabulary to memorize, which is presented on our word wall in class.

Music on a Monday -- let's get fit!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week of November 5 - 9, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Poppy donations that remain should be handed in Monday.
2.  Test Pack # 4 handed out today.  It contains two Patterning quizzes, a Unit Two test, A Reading diagnostic on Point of View and a spelling dictation.  Please sign it and have your child return it with corrections next Thursday.
3.  We had a special visit to our Remembrance Day assembly from Lt.Col. Pascal Godbout, a Runnymede parent who serves in the Armed Forces.  He delivered a touching and informative presentation for our Junior students about what the day means for him, illuminating his talk with personal experiences.
4.  This afternoon we also had a two period visit from Zak, Runnymede's Green Teacher, who took our group on a guided visit through the Nature Garden, with a focus on human wants and needs and their effects on the environment. he will be back for a follow-up visit in January.

Thursday HW
1.  Dictation number 5 tomorrow.  I supervised the placement of all spelling notebooks into backpacks this morning after checking that everyone present today had a complete, correctly spelled list.
2.  Spelling text work on page 25, # 1,3 and 4; and on page 26 # 7, 8 and 9.  I will be checking these activities tomorrow for completion.
3.  The students worked very well on their PowerPoint presentations again today.  As an example, there were five boys who somehow materialized outside my third floor door from the schoolyard one second after the lunch bell in order to get a quicker start.  That was pretty appealing... well done boys!  There is a lot of sharing going on as well.  An impressive base of expert knowledge is being formed.  Next week we will finish up loose ends of the PPT and then shift to the story and other paper based formats we're using for the project.  A complete list of these requirements is found in the Biodiversity booklets.
4.  Poppy donation tomorrow.
5.  Zak (Green Teacher) visit tomorrow PM.
6.  Please look for a working protractor and compass for home use during our Geometry unit.

Wednesday HW
1.  Dictation #5 on Friday.
2.  Andre Sill (actor) visit tomorrow at 9 AM
3.  Zak (Green Teacher) visit on Friday (PM)
4.  MMS HW on pages 34-35.
5.  Poppy Donation on Thursday or Friday if you are able.
6.  Check at home for a good protractor and sturdy compass.  I provide these items for use at school, but the board-supplied compass is particularly flimsy and none of the items go home.  I recommend purchasing a math set for reliability if you are able to.
7.  Interview Request forms were sent home today for appointments next week.  Please return your form with three choices as soon as possible.

Tuesday HW
1.  Finish "comfort object" journal started in class today.  1 page, single spaced.
2.  Book Report due on November 8.
3.  Bring a poppy donation on Thursday or Friday if you are able.

We started a new unit on Geometry today with a Smart Board lesson on types of protractors and the basic angles we are constructing this year.  I will provide protractors for school use, but students should have one at home for home practice situations.  We also went outside to the Nature Garden to sketch tree shapes for a line-focussed Art activity.

Monday HW
1.  Spelling cycle #5 activities today:  four lists and 15 sentences.
2.  Book Report is due on Thursday November 8.
3.  Bring a poppy donation if you are able to on Thursday or Friday this week.

I marked the first Patterning quiz the students wrote last Tuesday.  The class average was 11.6/16 (72.5%).  The most common problem was recursive pattern solving and rule writing.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Week of October 29 - November 2, 2012

Thursday HW
1.  Photo Retake day is Thursday, November 15.
2.  Rough Draft of Play critique.  This is an ongoing activity we've worked on this week and the good copy is due in class by the end of the day on Friday.  Students should have a workable four paragraph rough copy that we can edit in class before writing the finished version tomorrow in class.
3.  MMS Practice pages 8-9.
4.  Math Unit One Quiz two on lessons 3,4,and 5 on Monday November 5.

Wednesday HW
Great Halloween parade today!  We had every student in costume!  Thank you to the students who brought in food and drink for our party this afternoon.  Much appreciated!
1.  Photo orders are due tomorrow.
2.  Library is on Friday.
3.  Math Unit 1 quiz for lessons 3,4 and 5 on Monday.  Today eight students were not finished practice questions from MMS for our lesson 3 corrections.  The Unit 2 test is marked and the class average was 70% (28/40).  I'll send it home when I have more material to include in a larger test package.

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS Practice booklet pages 6 and 7 on Divisibility rules.  We've spent three periods going over these rules and practicing the techniques from the textbook.  I am focussing on having the students represent their solutions in chart form.  Please ask them to show you a sample or explain it.
2.  Bring your Stratford programme to class tomorrow for use as a guide to critiquing the play.  All the students at table four had theirs today, but the remainder in the class was a small number.  We looked at professional play reviews from the Star, the Globe and the Post today, developed success criteria as a group, and started our rough drafts.
3.  If you are able to at home, practice Powerpoint skills touched on during today's lesson.  We will be using this software to present our endangered animal research.

Monday HW
On Wednesday we will have a short Halloween party time just before and afer the parade.  In the interests of preventing upset tummies before trick or treating time, I am limiting treats in class to popcorn, fruit and vegetables.  Milk or (high percentage) juices are also acceptable to drink in addition to water, but no sugary drinks (i.e. Sunny D, Soda Pop, Iced Tea) should be brought to school.  Thank you for your cooperation.
1.  Math Unit One quiz on Lessons 1 and 2 (Input/Output machines, Recursive patterns) tomorrow.
2.  Spelling Cycle activities for Unit 4 -- four lists and fifteen sentences.  All students are done at least one of lists already.  Dictation on Friday.
3.  Book report due on November 8.  We looked at some models in class today and discussed questions about the assignment students had.
4.  Please bring the programme you received at Stratford for "Much Ado" to class tomorrow for a writing assignment.  I have a few extras but not a class set.

Music on a Monday:  is there anything you can't do with Lego?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week of October 22-26, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Math Unit One Quiz (Lessons 1 and 2) on Tuesday October 30.
2.  Book Report due on November 8.
3.  Return Student Data Verification Sheets ASAP.
4.  A fair number of test packs have not been reurned yet with parent signatures and corrections.

Tuesday HW
1.  Test pack is due on Thursday October 25 with corrections and a parent signature.
2.  MMS Practice pages 4 and 5.
3.  Return Student Data Verification sheet with or without corrections.
4.  Book Report is due on November 8.
5.  Stratford trip is tomorrow.  Please arrive outdoors in the South Yard at 8:15 AM for attendance and boarding.  If it rains we will meet in the foyer by the Library.  Please dress for the weather (60% chance of rain) and bring a packed lunch.
6.  News Journal Summary and Reflection from today's presenters.

(This is a lengthy list for today but there is no homework on Wednesday night.)

Monday HW
1.  Test pack is due with corrections and a parent signature at the top on Thursday October 25.
2.  Please return Student Data Verification forms with additions or no additions.  Either way the sheets need to come back.
3.  Book Report Reading for 20 minutes.  The report is due on November 8.
4.  Stratford trip is on Wednesday.  Students should pack a lunch and dress for the expected weather conditions.  Shorts are not a good idea for a trip to the theatre.  The bus leaves at 8:30 AM on Wednesday morning.  Students should meet me outside in the South Yard for attendance at 8:15 AM.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Week of October 15-19, 2012

Friday HW:
We worked on the Science Biodiversity project in class again today after spending two periods in class on Thursday using laptops to conduct research.  At this point eleven of 24 students have completed basic research on their animals and are ready to begin composing a powerpoint presenatation that will be used for a class oral presentation.  Students who have not collected meaningful information during this time should do some catching up over the weekend.  Otherwise there is no homework apart from book report reading, and corrections/signature of the test pack handed out on Wednesday.
** Reminder: Photo day on Monday. **

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS Practice duotang pages 2 and 3.  Remember that reduced amounts for IEP students are in practice for this work as well as text book activities in class:  (#1 and the even numbers afterwards).
2.  Math Unit 2 Final test tomorrow.
3.  Test pack #3 was distributed today.   
It contains four items:  the last math quiz (class average 77%), two problems of the week and some descriptive feedback on a poem.
Please have it corrected and signed by a parent on the front by next Thursday.
4.  Library on Friday in the afternoon.
5.  Photo day reminders were sent home today.  The day is Monday October 22.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Unit 2 Final Unit test on Thursday October 18.  The last quiz is marked and will be sent home tomorrow.  The main areas of difficulty are multiplication and long division.  We started a new unit on patterning today.
2.  Book Report reading for 20 minutes.  The report is due on November 8.
3.  News Journal summary and reflection for today's presenters.

Monday HW
1.  Math Unit 2 Final Test on Thursday October 18.  Today's quiz will be returned before that day for study purposes.  In informal diagnostics students show some difficulty with zero in the quotient in long division and with basic multiplication errors and regrouping (i.e. 7 x 5 + 2) in multiplication by two digit factors.
2.  Book Report Reading for 20 minutes.  The report is due on November 8.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week of October 9-12, 2012

Friday HW
There is no real homework this weekend apart from studying for a quiz on Monday.  Our test packs were due today with corrections and a parent signature.  I'm waiting on 15 of 24 of them.  Please ask your student to show you this package as soon as possible.
1.  Math Quiz Monday on Unit 2, Lessons 9, 10, 11, 12.
2.  Final Math Unit Test on Thursday, October 18.
3.  Book Report reading -- 20 minutes.  Report due on November 8.

Thursday HW
No homework was assigned by the substitute teacher today.  I was at a slow pitch tournament in which our team went 4-0.  The boys in our class played very well!

Wednesday HW
1.  Stratford form and fee.
2.  Test Pack with parent signature and corrections due on Friday.  Students should rewrite the correction rather than erasing the error on the test.
3.  20 Minutes of Book Report reading.
4.  Page 6 of Biodiversity booklet was started in class and should be completed tonight.
5.  Math Quiz on Unit 2 (Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide) on Monday October 15.
Final Unit test on Thursday October 18.

In class we spent some time working on the introduction to "A Person I Admire" writing.  We emphasized creating interest and getting the main details (the person's full name and the topic of 'admiration') seeded early in the first paragraph.  We discussed some of the styles a student could use such as chronological order or moving back in time from a key high point in the person's life.
This is an assignment I want the students to complete in controlled conditions in class.  Several students were reluctant to begin due to perceived shortfalls in research material.  I reminded these students that to admire this person implies that a fair amount of prior knowledge of the person is already present.  Research might fill in a few gaps, but should not be a barrier to starting the writing.

Tuesday HW
Friday's trip to the Warren Park Outdoor Education Centre was a special treat.  With the weather cooperating students spent a productive day focussing on cooperative games and team building with a focus on ecological themes.  It was a rewarding day in that it was possible to see student growth in their treatment of team partners both in the language they used and in the effectiveness of their group work.  Watching the salmon spawning was a huge hit as well.  Although the students and I have been to Warren Park before we all agreed it was an outstanding day.  Well done boys and girls and thank you to our parent volunteer Ms. Power for her invaluable assistance and four leaf clover acquisition!

1.  News Journal Summary and Opinion for today's presenters.
2.  Test Pack signed by a parent and corrected and returned to class on Friday October 12.
3.  Math Quiz on Unit 2 Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide on Monday October 15.  Final Unit Test on Thursday October 18.
4.  Stratford form and fee due tomorrow.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week of October 1 - 5, 2013

Thursday HW
Yikes!  Only seven students fully completed the 12 practice questions in last night's MMS homework on pages 30-31.  It wasn't worth taking up as a class.  We are experiencing significant amounts of incomplete homework, undone homework and homework that is forgotten at home.  It's really affecting our ability to correct errors and consolidate understanding.  Last night was a pretty light load for a grade 6 student.  Next year promises to features a good deal more.  Please ask your student to show you his or her finished work each night.  I would not accept "I finished it at school" as a response every day.  I appreciate your support in getting on top of this.  Thank you.
1.  MMS practice pages 32-33 (and pages 30-31 if it was not done yesterday) .
2.  Several students did not have their "Person I Admire" writing package at school today.
3.  Several students left their book report novels at home today.  They should be at school each day.
4.  Stratford form and fee due October 10.

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS Practice pages 30-31.  We are currently working with long division which is challenging for many of the students.  Times table control would be an area to practice independently.
2.  Person I Admire reseerach.  We will be researching and composing tomorrow.
3.  Stratford form and fee for october 10.
4.  Library tomorrow afternoon at 12:30.  Bring your books for exchange.

Tuesday HW
1.  POTW is due next Tuesday instead of this Friday.
2.  Read Book Report Novel for 20 minutes tonight.
3.  Person I Admire research.
4.  Stratford Trip form and fee due on October 10.  Cash if possible please.  I too have had to send larger amounts to school in cash for my own children's trips, so I understand the reluctance parents feel about that.

Almost all students have chosen a book report novel at this point.  In the next week students should also settle on a book report style that suits the novel they are reading. 

Monday HW
1.  Warren Park and Stratford forms and fees.  There is a typo in the letter for Stratford that I sent home.  Parent volunteers will be asked to cover a portion of the cost of the trip to Stratford that will include the ticket cost.  I will have more information on the exact amount shortly.
2.  Spelling Text work:  p. 17, # 2,3,4,5; p. 18 # 6,8; p. 19 # 1 and 2.
3.  Person I Admire research work.
4.  MMS practice page 25.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week of September 24-28, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Find information (oral or printed) and bring it to class on Monday for the "Person I Admire" writing assignment.
2.  Have a Book Report novel in class on Monday.
3.  Warren Park form and fee.
4.  Stratford trip form and fee.
Thank you very much to the students of room 365 for their generous Terry Fox run donations.  Our class raised $270 $370, which is more than $15 per student on average.  Bravo boys and girls!

Thursday HW
1.  Complete the News Journal Summary nad Reflection from one of today's presenters.
2.  Warren Park trip form and fee.  Cash only please.
3.  Biodiversity booklet cover.
4.  Order of Operations Math Quiz (Unit 2.8) on Friday September 28.
5.  Math Problem of the Week due tomorrow.
We had an outstanding Terry Fox Run today.  The students were very generous and participated with grace and good will today.  Bravo!  We'll have an official count by tomorrow.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 26-27.  Nearly half of our class wasn't able to take part in our corrections today due to incomplete work or work left at home.
2.  Spelling Dictation # 3 tomorrow.
3.  Terry Fox Run is tomorrow.  Dress for the weather.  Keep those contributions coming!
4.  Problem of the Week is due on Friday.
5.  Order of Operations Math Quiz (Unit 2.8) on Friday September 28.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz Unit 2 Lessons 5 and 7 tomorrow.
2.  MMS Practice pages 24-25.
3.  Terry Fox fundraising.
4.  Problem of the week due Friday.
5.  Spelling Dictation # 3 on Thursday.

Monday HW
1.  News Journal - Summary and Reflection from today's presentations (which were terrific, BTW).
2.  MMS Practice pages 22-23.
3.  Running Shoe of the Future due tomorrow.
4.  Future Poem due tomorrow.
5.  Terry Fox Fundraising.  Thank you very much to the students in our class who held a garage sale and raised $250 for our school effort.  Wow!  I really admire your initiative and generosity of spirit.  It's inspiring!
6.  Math Unit 2 Quiz on Lessons 5 and 7 on Wednesday.
7.  Problem of the week due on Friday.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week of September 17 - 21, 2012.

Friday HW
1.  Terry Fox donations for fundraising.  The students have been generous so far, raising nearly $40 in the first 3 days.  Thank you and keep it coming!
2.  Math Quizzes next week:
Monday -- Unit 2, Lessons 1 to 4
Wednesday -- Unit 2, Lessons 5 and 7
3.  New Problem of the week handed out today:  "Angry Nerds App" is a Number Sense problem.  It is due next Friday.
4.  Correct test pack and return with a parent signature on Monday.
Our class went to the computer lab this morning and got our passwords updated.  Afterwards we took self-guided tours through my class web page and other software installed on the school computers.  Students should memorize their student numbers as they memorize their home phone numbers.  We stressed that passwords should be unique and never shared with friends.  We have computer lab time ever second week to supplement the macbook access we enjoy on the third floor.  Next activities will include Bitstrips online comic creation.

Thursday HW
1.  Future Verses Poem good copy due tomorrow.
2.  Problem of the week #2 due tomorrow.
3.  Terry Fox donations.
4.  A test pack (math quiz, 2 dictations, problem of the week) was handed to each student today.  Students should correct their mistakes, show the package to you and ask for it to be signed by a parent.  One signature will do.  I want to ensure that parents are made aware of ongoing progress.  Please have the test pack returned on Monday.
5.  Math Quizzes next week:
Monday Unit 2 Lessons 1,2,3,4
Wednesday Unit 2 Lessons 5 and 7.

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS Practice page 20 only.
2.  Unit 2 Math Quiz on Lessons 1,2,3 and 4 on Monday September 24.
3.  Unit 2 Math Quiz on Lessons 5 and 7 on Wednesday September 26.
4.  Spelling Dictation #2 tomorrow.
5.  All Future Paragraphs due tomorrow in good copy form.
6.  Terry Fox donations for our class goal of $365.

     Today 10 of the 22 students present did not have their Math practice ready in class (forgotten at home, not done) for corrections.  That was a surprising number given the lightness of yesterday's homework schedule.  Please ask your students if they have their books to show you, even if they say it was finished at school.  A quick once-over from a parent would be really helpful.  Thank you.
     After reviewing the Lunch forms sent back, I noticed a number of forms referred to unspecified days when students would be going home at lunch.  If your form stated that your child was regularly leaving school for lunch every Friday (or some other regular, consistent day of the week) I can process that confidently each week and no special notes are needed.  Making a change to stay for lunch is no problem, but leaving school grounds is significant concern for 10 and 11 year old students.
     If you wrote that your child would be out 'from time to time', or on irregular days, I need an agenda note or some other handwritten note confirming parent permission each time he or she is leaving for lunch.  Unfortunately there is no way for us to be sure that parental permission has been given if students tell us they are leaving and no note is provided.  It's a real risk based on past behaviour patterns with grade six students, who sometimes leave without permission.  We're trying to be accountable to parents for the safety of the students, which includes knowing where they are meant to be at lunch times.  I really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS practice pages 18-19.
2.  Bring a hat to school tomorrow.  Only three students had one today.
3.  Terry Fox fundraising goal: $365.  Let's start tomorrow.
Students from our class visited third floor classrooms to deliver a kickstarting talk about our Terry Fox school run fundraiser.  I received favourable reports about their composure and preparedness from the staff I spoke to afterwards.  Well done!

Monday HW
1.  Finish spelling lists and 15 sentences for Cycle # 2.  We worked on Friday and Today on this in class.
2.  Finish rough copy of the Future paragraph draft in the booklet.
3.  MMS practice book page 16. 
4.  Bring a hat to class.
We distributed the News Journal assignment due dates today.  Each student knows their individual due date and what is expected for a complete submission for this oral and written assignment.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week of September 10 - 14, 2012.

Friday HW
A sincere thank you to the parents who I met yesterday night at Curriculum Night.  I had some fruitful talks with everyone with whom I spoke.  If you have further questions now or at any point in the school year, please contact me through the agenda in writing or by phone at the school number.  We had about 15 student families represented last night.  I forwarded my curriculum handout to the students to bring home tonight if it was left behind last night.  Thank you again for your comments and feedback.
1.  Math Problem of the week was handed in today.  If you did not submit today, I will accept it on Monday, but I won't make a habit of chasing students for it.  A new one was given out today.  Copies can be found at this web address:
2.  Bring a novel to read in class for DEAR time and to prepare for the Book Report assignment I will introduce next week.
3.  Have a great weekend.  If anyone has hand sanitizer or paper towels and tissues they can contribute to the class they will be gratefully accepted.

Thursday HW
All parents and guardians are invited to tonight's Curriculum Night in room 365 at 7 PM.  I will be beginning my talk at 7:10.
1.  Spelling text page 9, # 1 and 2; page 10 # 4, 6 and 7.  We reviewed the instruction for each activity this afternoon in class.
2.  Math Problem of the week due tomorrow.
3.  Scholastic order due in class tomorrow.

Wednesday HW
Today's Math lesson focussed on the place values of large numbers.  We looked at how to construct a chart, how to write numbers metric-style with spaces rather than commas, and different ways to represent a number.  Our Math Word Wall is filling up with a range of vocabulary that the students should become comfortable using to talk about their work.
The year's calendar is complete with cycle days as well as PA days, holidays and, where known, proposed field trip days.  It will be updated on an ongoing basis.  Take a look at it at the bottom of this blog page.
1.  MMS Practice pages 14-15.
2.  Spelling dictation tomorrow.
3.  Problem of the week due on Friday.
4.  Spelling Cycle #1 lists and 15 sentences for tomorrow -- a good way to study for the dictation.
5.  Scholastic orders due on Friday.  I prefer cheques if possible.

Tuesday HW
Today we had a productive visit from a Stratford Conservatory actor named Andre Sill.  We did some warmups and practiced lines from the play using a variety of strategies to project our voices.  We will meet up with Andre again after we have seen the play for followup activities.
I am in the process of updating the calendar for the year on my blog.  You can find it at the bottom of this page.  It contains information about the cycle such as gym, music/drama times and tests or quizzes as they are announced.  September should be done by today with the remainder of the year completed shortly.

1.  Problem of the Week is due this Friday.
2.  Spelling Dictation will take place on Thursday this week.
3.  Math makes Sense (MMS) practice booklet pages 12 and 13.
4.  Photo for Future booklet.
5.  Tissue box and paper towel roll please.
6.  Scholastic orders due on Friday September 14.  I prefer cheque payment please.

Monday HW
1.  News Journal practice:  summary and reflection on the Piper article.
2.  Math Problem of the Week due on Friday.
3.  Spelling dictation # 1 on Thursday.
Tomorrow we have a visit from a Stratford Shakespeare Conservatory actor during period three.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to the 2012-13 School Year

Week of September 4-7, 2012

Friday HW
What a busy and eventful week!  It has been a real pleasure getting to know the students in the class.  We have learned plenty of routines and worked on reawakening some skills and knowledge.  The boys and girls are working hard and coming together as a group.  Pizza Day forms should have come home today for those interested in that monthly event.  Forms and money for that are due to me on September 21.
Next week we begin grade 6 unit work in earnest, starting with Math Number Sense (Unit 2 in the textbook).  You can expect to see a blue duotang of math practice at home most nights from Monday to Thursday.  Have a great weekend!

1.  Please bring in a paper towel roll and a box of tissue for class use.  About a third of the class has done so thus far.  It would be a big help this year.
2.  Agenda $ and forms.  Almost all of them are in.
3.  Spelling dictation # 1 on Thursday September 13.
4.  Stratford Trip is now on October 24.
5.  I assigned a Number Sense Problem of the Week today for Math that is due in class on Friday September 14.  These are due each Friday.  I am using a University of Waterloo Centre For Education in Mathematics and Computing Grade 5/6 math resource which is available online at the address shown below.  The solutions appear a week later and extra copies can be printed from the web by students who lose their pages.

Thursday HW
1.  Math Quiz tomorrow based on reviews.
2.  Agenda payment and parent signed letters returned.
3.  Photo of yourself for cut and paste.
4.  Tomorrow morning period one is gym.  Please meet Ms. Duke in the gym right away after the morning bell.  Do not come to room 365.  I will be teaching a kindergarten class during period one.

Wednesday HW
We had a very informative meeting today with Ms. Murphy from the Hospital for Sick Children and Ms. Madeira, Alex's parent.  The girls and boys had opportunities to learn about cancer treatment and to ask questions.  Each of the students were also invited to pen a note for our classmate and given tips on how to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment during his absences.  Daily hygiene (hand washing, sneezes, etc.) was also an area we spent some time discussing.  I will have hand sanitizer also available for those students that are comfortable using it after recess breaks. 
I think we learned a great deal today that will help going forward.  I invite parents to talk over the meeting with their children today.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at the number shown above.

1.  Math Review # 2.  Quiz on the reviews on Friday September 7.
2.  Roll of paper towel and box of tissue for class use.
3.  Agenda cost is $6.00.
4.  Bring a photo of yourself that you can cut up.
5.  Please return the signed parent forms from the first day package.

Tuesday HW
Today was a wonderful day.  It was a pleasure to get to know a new group of students.  We accomplished a great deal today and the boys and girls were outstanding.  An auspicious beginning to be sure. 
1.  Finish math review #1.  Quiz on Friday September 7.
2.  Bring a roll of paper towel and a box of kleenex tissue for class use.
3.  Agenda cost is $6.00
4.  Bring a photo to school of yourself that you can cut up.
5.  Please return the set of signed parent letters that were distributed today.  Thank you!

Greetings to the new students in my class for 2012-13. I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you during this first week. We will jump right into the school year with some ice breaker activities and Math and Language reviews. As the first week goes by we will be preparing for the first Math unit in Number Sense and the first Language activities with with News Journals, CASI and reading groups for novel studies and non-fiction. Also upcoming are a visit to Warren Park school on October 5 and our preparations for our Stratford visit to see Much Ado About Nothing on October 24, including actor workshops right in our classroom. It should be fun! As well Curriculum Night takes place on Thursday, September 13 in the evening. All parents are welcome. More information about times is forthcoming when it is available.
This blog will function as a weekly homework listing and be archived as the week ends. Be sure to check out my class webpage at all year long. Plenty of useful stuff is posted, including downloads of class handouts which students should use to replace lost work. Of special interest to parents and students in the class this year is the following information:
Dear Parents:
A student in our class is currently receiving treatment for a form of childhood cancer. This child is doing well and is excited to be at school when he is able. On Wednesday September 5 a community liaison nurse from the Hospital for Sick Children will be coming to speak to your son or daughter’s class about their friend’s illness. The presentation will include a short animated video and will provide an opportunity for students to ask questions.
If you have any questions please contact Mr. Reynolds at 393-9055 or speak to our vice-principal Mr. Sean Hume at 393-9060 (x20012).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week of June 4-8, 2012

Wednesday HW
1.  No homework tonight.
2.  Wahanowin trip note:  Students do not require a lunch on the first day (Tuesday) of our visit.  It will be provided for us.  As a result, we will leave at approximately 10:30 AM on that day.  Students should arrive at the regular time in the morning.  I will meet them outside and we will store our bags on the ground floor after the entry bell.
3.  Centennial mural-making sessions with my class take place on Monday, June 11 and resume on Thursday, June 21.  The students will be working under the supervision of our our visiting artist Judy Pisano in her work with smaller 5 person groups.  Students who sit at tables 1, 2, and 3 in my class should wear clothing on Monday that is suited to painting or that can survive any paint accidents.  It should be fun!

Tuesday HW
1.  Complete paragraphs two and three of the 5 paragraph essay.  These would be the first 2 body paragraphs.  Each one requires a topic sentence, 3 or more body sentences and an exit sentence.  Today we stressed the structure of the introduction while working through half a dozen student examples as a group.  The body paragraphs should show evidence of different types (Simple, Compound, Complex; Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory) of sentences as well as different orders (Natural and Inverted).  Linking devices should also appear at the beginnings of new body paragraphs.
2.  Packing preparation for Camp Wahanowin.  Be mindful of the indoor temperatures (there is no indoor heating there) and the possibility of rain when packing.  Some warm clothes and rain gear should be amongst your warm weather clothing.
3.  Be sure to return your overdue books for the end of the year collection. If you have a question or dispute about your missing books contact Ms. Edgar by the means stated on the overdue notice.

Monday HW
1.  Complete paragraph one (Introduction) of the persuasive 5 paragraph essay.  It should contain a topic sentence, a thesis statement, a sentence containing your reasons and an exit sentence.  Complete this rough draft in the persuasive writing booklet.  We have been working in class on this before the EQAO testing period and in class today.
2.  Library period tomorrow.  Be sure to return your overdue books for the end of the year collection.  If you have a question or dispute about your missing books contact Ms. Edgar by the means stated on the overdue notice.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Week of May 28-31, 2012

Monday HW:
1.  We have a Measurement Unit Test on Thursday May 31 in the afternoon.
2.  Today's EQAO testing went smoothly.  There were some early jitters but the kids settled in nicely for the remainder of the writing periods.  Thanks to ZK for the freezies!  Be sure to get a good rest again tonight and arrive on time tomorrow for Day 2.
3.  PA Day on Friday -- No School.
4.  Wahanowin is coming soon.  Are you thinking about your packing needs?  Remember that rain is always a possibility -- a rain jacket and more than one pair of shoes are a good idea.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week of May 22-25, 2012

EQAO letter sent home today.
We appreciate your cooperation in avoiding
appointments from May 28-31.  Thank you!

Thursday HW
1.  Math Textbook pages 360-61 # 2,3,4 7 and 9.  This is a continuation of yesterday's work.  Students I worked with were able to complete almost all of this in class.
2.  Math Text book pages 364-65 # 1-5, 8 and 9.  This is new work today on the volume of triangular prisms.  Most students completed all bu the last two problems in class. 
3.  Math HW Book pages 140-43.  This work is extra practice for the last two lessons.
4.  Cereal Boxes due on Monday May 28.
5.  Measurement test on Thursday May 31.

The Probability unit test was marked and the class average was 75 %.  The remaining tests and assignments should be returned to students next week in a package.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math Textbook pages 356-57 # 1-7.
2.  Math HW Book pages 138-39.
3.  Cereal Box due in completed form on Monday May 28.  Each student received verbal feedback and recommendations today in class, as well as a judgement about progress.  The most common feedback was that not enough panels had been designed given the amount of class time invested and that colour needed to be added to pencil outlines.  No box should be handed in with pencil markings as the main form of design.

Tuesday HW
1.  Finish mini-essay on Smoking.
2.  Math HW book pages 136-37.
3.  Math Textbook pages 353-54 # 1 to 7.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Week of May 14-18, 2012

EQAO takes place from May 28-31 all day.
Please do not schedule appointments during those days.
We appreciate your cooperation.  Thank you.

Friday HW
We had two very successful soccer tournaments for Junior Boys and Girls on Wednesday and Thursday with both teams going undefeated.  Bravo to those girls and boys in our class who played so well.

Wednesday HW
1.  Probability Test on Friday May 18.
2.  Math HW Book pages 134-35 on Measurement.
3.  Icarus Sunset tanka.  we spent about 40 minutes in class today working on this.  A number of students were finished by the end of that time.
4.  Persuasive Paragraph 2.0:  Turn a Topic into a Thesis.  We completed the chart in class and most students made a start on planning supporting reasons in the organizer at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday HW
1.  Probability test on Friday May 18.
2.  Math HW book pages 162-63.
Students who will be absent for soccer tournaments received their work to catch up on ahead of time today in class.

Monday HW
1.  Probability Unit Test on Friday May 18.
2.  Math HW book pages 160-61.
We have two soccer tournaments this week on Wednesday (Boys) and Thursday (Girls).  
Congratulations to the track and field athletes who performed so well last week!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week of May 7-11, 2012

EQAO is approaching on May 28-31, 2012. 
Please avoid school day appointments
all day during those four days. 
We appreciate your support and cooperation.  Thank you.

Friday HW
1.  Unit Test on Probability on Friday May 18, 2012
2.  Happy Mother's Day to all families in our class.  Take care!

Thursday HW
1.  Final Math Unit 8 Test on Friday May 11.
2.  Last Ratio/Rate quiz handed back today and corrected as a class.  Average was over 80 %.  Well done!
3.  Math HW book pages 156-57 and 158-59 for Monday.  We had significant time in class to work on this.  We are halfway through this brief Probability unit.
4.  Unit Test on Probability on Friday May 18, 2012

Wednesday HW
The dance activities in the gym today were done well.  I was impressed by the full participation of all the students in each group and the high energy displayed.  Thank you to the group leaders for their guidance and expertise.
1.  Final Math Unit 8 Test on Friday May 11.
2.  Complete Lesson 1 Probability page 411 # 3 and 4.  These questions would show pictures and word explanations that employ unit vocabulary such as "experimental or theoretical probability" or "chances" to be done well at the A level.
3.  Test pack with parent signature and corrections due on Friday.
4.  Rough draft of 6 panels of Character Trait cereal box design.  We have spent 2 periods in class on this to date.
5.  Library period tomorrow.

Tuesday HW
1.  Dance class group work period 3 tomorrow.  Be sure you have your music selections ready.
2.  Math Quiz # 5 on Wednesday May 9.
3.  Final Math Unit 8 test on Friday May 11.

Monday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 130-31
2.  Math Quiz Unit 8 Lessons 10 and 11 (Equivalent Ratios and Rates) on Wednesday, May 9, 2012.
3.  Math Final Unit Test on Friday, May 11, 2012.
4.  Parent Signature and corrections for test pack.  Due Friday May 11.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Week of April 30 - May 4, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Math Unit 8 Quiz Lessons 10 and 11 (Equivalent Ratios and Rates) on Wednesday May 9.
2.  Math Unit 8 Final test on Friday May 11.

Thursday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 126-27.
2.  Math Quiz Unit 8, Lessons 8 and 9 on Friday May 4.
3.  Last book report of the year due tomorrow.
4.  Myth booklet pages 7 and 8 to be completed tonight if you dd not finish it in the two class periods.

Wednesday HW
1.  Last book report of the year is due on Friday May 4.
2.  Social Studies booklet pages up to page 10 should be complete by Thursday.  We have worked on all the preceding pages in class in addition to page 10 today.
3.  Math Quiz # 4:  Unit 8 Lessons 8 and 9 (percent and ratio).

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz Unit 8, Lessons 6 7 on Wednesday.
2.  Final book report of the year is due on Friday May 4.
3.  Math HW book pages 124-125.

Monday HW
1.  Math Quiz Unit 8, Lessons 6 and 7 on Wednesday May 2.
2.  Math HW book pages 122-23.
3.  Last book report of the year due on Friday May 4.
We had 8 students away today due to badminton and illness, which hindered our ability to take up new work.  As well the Primary concert saw our first two periods taken up for band and strings student performances.  As a result there is limited work for absent students to catch up on.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of April 23-27, 2012

Friday HW
Thank you to those students who wore green today.  The photo was lovely.
1.  Last book report due Friday, May 4.  (I know the package said Thursday but I will hold to the May 4 date.)
2.  Math Text work for pages 314-15 # 1-12 should be complete by Monday.  We had about 1.5 periods to work on those activities in class.
3.  The races went off smoothly today with limited breakage and maximum fun.  Thanks again to the students for their hard work.
4.  Next Math Quiz on Wednesday May 2:  Unit 8, Lessons 6 and 7.

Thursday HW
Last night's Fair was well-attended and fun.  Thank you to all the parents who came out.  Student work has been evaluated and most projects went home last night.

1.  We will have races tomorrow with the electrical cars in the afternoon.  Please bring your car to school for the afternoon if it is still in good repair and has a working battery.  There is no time for building and repair during the race period I have scheduled.
2.  Tomorrow is a Library period.
3.  Wear green tomorrow for Green Day.  we will photograph our school outdoors tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday HW
There will be no homework tonight due to the Science Fair.

Tuesday HW
1.  Science Fair for parents is Wednesday night 6:30 - 7:30 PM on April 25.
2.  Electricity Drawing Machine design report due with colour and written work tomorrow.
3.  Math Textbook work pages 310-11, #1-13.  We had time yesterday and today to complete this after the concepts were introduced.  Students that did not take home a hundreds grid can easily reproduce one in their Math notebooks by making a 10 X 10 grid square.
4.  The Pourquoi tale writing activity, which is an EQAO look-alike, was edited by me over the past weekend and students are working on making good copies from their rough work.   This is an entirely in-class assignment, as EQAO will be, and is due on Friday morning by lunch.  Most students are well on the path to completion.  There are a few who did not have a rough draft ready last Friday and still do not.  Please talk with your child to find out how her/her progress is coming along to help reinforce my encouragement in class.
5.  There will be a CASI evaluation on Thursday morning.  Students who are at badminton or are absent for other reasons will have to catch up as soon as they return.

Monday HW
1.  Science Fair for parents is Wednesday night 6:30 - 7:30 PM April 25.
2.  Math HW book pages 120-121.  A significant number of students have been skipping their homework practice in the past week. 
3.  Math Unit 8 Lesson 3 quiz tomorrow.  The previous quiz had a very high class average of 85%.  Way to go!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week of April 16-20, 2012

Wednesday HW
1. Math quiz Friday Unit 8 Lessons 1 and 2.
2. Test pack due with corrections and parent signature on Thursday April 19.
3.  Electric vehicle returned home today.  Bring it back on Wednesday April 25.  It must go home to prevent damage while we assemble the remaining parts of the Science Fair presentations. 
4.  Iroquois Creation Myth cartoon due in class to hand in on Friday April 20.  We have completed a substantial amount of this work already in classs.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 112-113.
2.  Math quiz Friday Unit 8 Lessons 1 and 2.
3.  Test pack due with corrections and parent signature on Thursday April 19.

Monday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 110-111.
2.  Bring electric vehicle to class on wednesday.  It should be fully built and decorated by this point.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week of April 10-13, 2012

Thursday HW
We will have 3 more periods on Friday for Electric Vehicle building on Friday.  The progress for most students is remarkable.  They are very focussed on the build process and are taking a great deal of pride in their works.  The portfolio items documenting the process are almost half done as well.  Students are reminded that these pages are also important to the process and final evaluation as well.
1.  Library period tomorrow.  Please return any books.
2.  Math Unit 7 test on Geometry concepts for the year.  Moved to MONDAY.  Review earlier geometry ideas such as attributes, types of triangles, protractor use and 3D drawings as well.
3.  Electricity design challenge building continues tomorrow for 2 periods.  Students should take the vehicle home on the weekend to add decorative features and refine the design to make it run better.
4.  Sign and returrn test pack with corrections on Thursday April 19.

Wednesday HW
The students worked very well today on their electric vehicles.  Several actually finished one that they could test.  Students will have more time in class tomorrow to work on the vehicles and to test them.  It is important to be prepared for class to get the most benefit out of the time. 

1.  Bring a shoebox to store your vehicle safely and protect it from harm.
2.  Electricity challenge building continues tomorrow.
3.  Unit 7 Math unit test on Friday.  The students should ensure they are familiar with earlier geometry concepts from unit three (isosceles and right angled triangles, measuring angles, attributes) as well as we head toward the EQAO test.

Tuesday HW
1.Transformations quilt due in class mounted on the construction paper handed out today.
2.  Electricity challenge building starts in class tomorrow.
3.  Math Unit 7 unit test on Friday April 13.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2-6, 2012

  • EQAO dates for Grade 6 from May 28-31.  Please do not schedule appointments all day during those four days.  Thank you.
  • Update April webpage with April newsletter is updated.  Check and see at for upcoming events in our class.
Wednesday HW
1. Math HW book pages 108-109
2. Math Quiz Unit 7 Lessons 3 to 6 on Thursday.
3. Book Report due April 5.
4. Cereal box for Art on Tuesday.
5. Electrical car building on Wednesday in class.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 106-107
2.  Myths booklet page 4.
3.  Poetry Exercise # 8
4.  Test pack due with signature and corrections on Wednesday.
5.  Math Quiz Unit 7 Lessons 3 to 6 on Thursday.
6.  Book Report due April 5.
7.  Cereal box for Art on Tuesday.

Monday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 104-05.
2.  Poetry exercise # 7 (Metaphor Master) in Writing notebook.
3.  Myth Booklet page 4.  This is an example of a "Pourquoi" tale.  Students will shortly begin planning, drafting and creating a pourquoi tale as an in-class, writing "on demand" activity.  They will not be able to work on it at home.
4.  Math Quiz on Thursday April 5, 2012:  Unit 7, Lessons 3 to 6.
5.  Test Pack due with corrections and parent signature on April 4
6.  Cereal box for next Art class (Tuesday after Easter break)
7.  Book report due on April 5.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Week of March 26-30, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Electricity kits available for $13 in class, cash only.
2.  Test pack due with parent signature and corrections on Wednesday April 4.
3.  Wahanowin final deposit due on Monday April 2.
4.  Next book report due April 5.
5.  Next Math Quiz:  Unit 7, lessons 3 to 6, next Thursday April 5.

Thursday HW
1.  Electricity kits available for $13 in class, cash only.  Students do not need to purchase materials from me if they do not wish to.  Any student can acquire his/her own materials individually.
2.  Test pack due with parent signature and corrections on Wednesday April 4.
3.  Wahanowin final deposit due on Monday April 2.
4.  Next book report due on April 5.
5.  Math HW book pages 102-103.
6.  Constellation story due in good copy form on Friday this week.
7.  Next Math quiz:  Unit 7 lessons 3 to 6 next Thursday April 5.

Wednesday HW
The class worked very steadily today.  It was great to see the effort sustained and broadly shown by so many students.
1. Constellation story due in good copy form on Friday this week.
2. First Nations Art assignment is due on Thursday, March 29.
3. Math Geometry quiz on Thursday March 29, 2012 (Unit 7, Lessons one and two).
4. Next book report due April 5, 2012.
5. Final Wahanowin deposit of $210 is due on April 2, 2012 along with medical form.
6. EQAO dates set for May 28 - May 31. Please refrain from scheduling appointments for the full day on these days. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tuesday HW
Electricity kits for car building are available from me in class.  These are small bags of the harder to find bits and pieces needed to make an electrical vehicle for our Science Fair project (4 wheels, pulleys, a motor, a battery lead and a clamp).  Battery is not included and the parts aren't available individually.  I buy them from a few science supply companies and package them at cost.  The bag of gear is $13 this year.  There is no requirement to buy materials from me -- these are offered as a convenience to avoid shopping trips for parents.
1.  Constellation story due in good copy form on Friday this week.
2.  First Nations Art assignment is due on Thursday, March 29.
3.  Math Geometry quiz on Thursday March 29, 2012 (Unit 7, Lessons one and two).
4.  Next book report due April 5, 2012.
5.  Final Wahanowin deposit of $210 is due on April 2, 2012 along with medical form.
6.  EQAO dates set for May 28 - May 31.  Please refrain from scheduling appointments for the full day on these days.  Thank you for your cooperation.
7.  Draw your halves Math sheet for tomorrow and Math HW book pages 100-101.

Monday HW:
1.  Rough Draft of Iroquois Creation Myth due in class tomorrow.  We are creating the good copy from it.
2.  Wahanowin Medical Forms and Final Installment of Trip fee due next week on April 2, 2012
3.  Next book report due on Thursday April 5, 2012.
4.  Math Geometry quiz on Thursday March 29, 2012 (Unit 7, Lessons one and two).
5.  See/Hear forms with a NO or a YES.
6.  EQAO dates are tentatively set for May 28-May 31 (Monday to Thursday).  This falls before Music By The Lake and Wahanowin and 2 weeks after Victoria Day weekend.  Please make arrangements to ensure your child is in class for the whole day on those four days.  Your cooperation in scheduling appointments around this time is much appreciated.  Thank you!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week of March 19-23, 2012

Welcome back to school!  We are heading into the preparation period for our Science Fair which is on April 25.  Watch this space for more details about the activity and the materials required for it.

Tuesday HW
1.  Colour of my Dreams mixed media assignment due in class tomorrow morning.  We worked on it again today in class.
2.  Myths and Legends booklet page 2.
3.  Space booklet to be handed in tomorrow afternoon for marking.
4.  Wahanowin mediacal form and final $210 installment due on April 2.

Monday HW
1.  Colour of My Dreams mixed media assignment due in class on Wednesday.  We have spent three full class periods creating it, and one period for planning to date.
2.  Math HW book pp. 96-97.
3.  Myths and Legends page one of the booklet.
4.  The final installment of the Camp Wahanowin ($210) is due on April 2.
5.  Next book report due on April 5.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week of March 5-9, 2012

I distributed outlines of the work I plan to do on Thursday and Friday of this week for those students (5) who gave me advance notice of their early March Break departures.  Parents can find these pages stapled in the agendas of the students I spoke with.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math Unit 10 final test on Friday.  Today's quiz was generally done very well.
2.  Junior Hockey finals trip tomorrow.  Bring $5 if you haven't already to cover admission and bus costs.
3.  Test packs due tomorrow with parent signature and corrections.
4.  Wahanowin Health form.
5.  Math HW Book pages 154-55.

Tuesday HW
I checked the Space booklets in advance yesterday and gave every student feedback on areas to improve before I collect them after the March Break.  You can find this information on the first page of each student's booklet at the bottom.
1.  Math Patterning quiz on Unit 10 Lessons 1 and 2 tomorrow.
2.  Math HW Book pages 152-53.
3.  Test packs due Thursday with parent signature and corrections.
4.  Wahanowin health form
5.  Colour of My Dreams mixed media starts tomorrow.
6.  We are going to Varsity Arena on Thursday this week to support the Junior Hockey team in the City Finals.  Permission forms went home today.  The cash only cost of $5.00 covers admission and bus charges.  The turnaround time is short so that may account for the use of bussing.  Our class has three players and a coach participating -- Go Runnymede Go! 

Monday HW
1.  Dialogue test tomorrow.
2.  Math HW book pages 150-51.
3.  Math Patterning quiz on Unit 10 Lessons 1 and 2 on Wednesday March 7.
4.  Math Patterning Unit 10 final test on Friday March 9.  This is a short unit of only four lessons.  Students will have their marked quizzes back in time to use them to help study for this test.
5.  Wahanowin health forms.
6.  Gather ideas, clippings, pictures or other items you can use to make your mixed media point of view representation of "The Colour of my Dreams" poem.  Students have seen a sample and know the size of the finished product.

Music on a Monday:  Miniature drum solo!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week of February 27- March 2, 2012

The webpage for my class has been updated with a March newsletter as of today, March 1.  Visit at for the look ahead.

Friday HW
1.  Math Unit 6 final test on Monday.  Use the returned test packs to help focus your study.
2.  Dialogue quiz on Tuesday.
3.  Test pack handed out today -- 2 Math quizzes, a book report rubric and a diagnostic for Reading.  Please have a look at the diagnostic, which gives some rationales for the current point of view Reading focus.  Students should return the test pack with corrections and your signature by next Friday.

Thursday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 148-149.
2.  Math Unit 6 unit test on Monday March 5.  Students will receive the final two quizzes in a test pack tomorrow to assist in study.
3.  Dialogue quiz on Tuesday March 6, 2012.
4.  Look at the video clip below on the perspectives or points of view one might have on the classic story of "The Three Little Pigs".  It is an advertisement that updates the tale in very modern terms and is presented by a British news organization (The Guardian).  We will also look at Jon Sciescka's book on the subject in class as well.  Think about comments and questions you might make in a class discussion after viewing it.  For example, is any news source able to provide the whole story?

The Guardian:  open journalism

Wednesday HW
1.  Finish Dialogue 2.0 sheet.  Use the package to study for the quiz on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.
2.  Math Unit 6 unit test on Monday March 5.
3.  Wahanowin Health form.
Mid-week diversion:  Everyone's favourite -- Mickey the Firefighting Cat!

Tuesday HW
1.  Find out some information about student life in the 1920's for our centennial mural project.
2.  Math HW book pages 94-95
3.  Math Unit 6 Lessons 8 and 9 quiz tomorrow (Volume and Capacity; Relating Units of Measure).
4.  Return any Wahanowin Health forms.

Monday HW
Today we had a number of absences due to illness, hockey and Kiwanis.  No new material was introduced.  We used the time to catch up on some art and poetry activities as well as on the Space booklets.
1.  Find out some information about student life in the 1920's for our centennial mural project.
2.  Report envelopes and parent signature slips.  I would really appreciate these being handed in tomorrow.  Thank you.
3.  Test packs were due last Thursday with a parent signature.  There are still seven missing out of 28.
4.  Math HW book pages 92-93.
5.  Math Quiz unit 6 Lessons 8 and 9 (Capacity and Relating Units of Measure) on Wednesday, February 29.  The unit test will be on Monday, March 5.

Music Mondays:  Apollo astronauts letting loose on the Moon in 1972.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week of February 20-24, 2012

Thursday HW
Great day for skiing on Wednesday.  The boys and girls were terrific!  Thank you to the parent volunteers who pitched in heroically yesterday.  Much appreciated!
1.    Choral reading poem chosen by Monday.  The groups have had chances to look for a suitable 14 lines or better poem to work on for an oral presentation.
2.  Space Booklet page 13.
3.  Read your Constellation myth story.
4.  Please return report card envelopes.
5.  Wahanowin medical forms.
Thank are also due to the hard working students in our class.  They showed up today with their completed book reports, most of the test packs and a good bit of preparation for the math quiz today judging by the early results of my marking.  Bravo!

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz 3 on Thursday February 23 (Volume and the Cubic Metre).
2.  Book Report due Thursday February 23.
3.  Wahanowin medical form due.
4.  Test pack with parent signature and corrections due on Thursday.
5.  Tanka rough draft for Thursday in your Writing notebook.

Music Monday (on Tuesday):  Science labs are terrific!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week of February 13-17, 2012

Thursday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 90-91 (The Cubic Metre).
2.  Wahanowin medical form
3.  Book Report due February 23.
4.  Test pack due with parent signature and corrections next Thursday.
5.  Math quiz 3 on Volume and the Cubic Metre on Thursday, February 23.

Wednesday HW
1.  All Space Booklet pages up to the end of page 12 have been assigned.  We have had class time to work on each of them.  The expectation is that the work be done legibly and in sentence form.  If experiments were missed then Homework Club times can be used to catch up.
2.  Wahanowin medical form.
3.  10 of 30 test packs are still remaining to be handed in.
4.  Book Report due on February 23.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 88-89.
2.  Science Booklet page 12.
3.  Book Report due on February 23.
4.  Wahanowin Update letter handed out today.  This letter contains information about the final balance ($210.00), packing and a Camp Health form (another one!).  Please return the completed health form as soon as you can.  Thank you.
5.  Test packs due tomorrow with parent signature and corrections.

Monday HW
1.  Math Quiz unit 6 Lessons 3 and 5 (Money to $10 000 and Surface Area).  As a reminder, students should be able to solve problems using balances, withdrawals or deposits to a bank account and be able to calculate the area of all six sides of a rectangular prism and use that information to solve problems.\
2.  Students had a chance today to select a colourful photo from a collection over 100 National Geographic magazines to complete an Art/Poetry assignment.  If a student did not find a photo that was appealing enough in that collection, he/she has an obligation to select one from another source outside the classroom and have it ready for Wednesday.
3.  Book Report is due on February 23.
4.  Today the report cards were distributed.  Interviews begin on Wednesday morning and continue until Friday.  Please contact me if you wish to meet and have not scheduled a visit yet.
5.  Test packs due on Wednesday with parent signature and corrections.

Music Monday offering:  cell phone interruption handled in a new way...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week of February 6 - 10, 2012

I have updated my class web page at with the class newslettter for the month of February.  Click by for a look.

Friday HW
1.  Math Quiz Unit 6 Lessons 3 and 5 (Money to $10 000 and Surface Area).
2.  Sign and correct test packs for Wednesday February 15.
3.  Book Report due February 23.

Thursday HW
1.  Finish colour work on the two five sense poems.
2.  Spelling text page 33 # 1,2,3 and 4.
3.  Math Quiz 2:  Unit 6 Lesson 3 and 5 (Money and Surface Area) on Tuesday February 14, 2012.
Students should be able to add and subtract amounts of money up to $10 000 using decimals and dollar signs.  They should also know what the terms balance, deposit and withdrawal mean and be able to determine a month-ending bank balance after several deposits and withdrawals.  The surface area concept includes the formula (A = l  x  w) and the conceptual understanding of finding the top, side and front areas of a given rectangular prism (described in words or with a picture), adding them up and doubling that sum for the total surface area.
4.  Book report due February 23.
5.  Report cards go home on Monday, February 13.
Today we worked on 4 experiments for Space in class which we will finish first thing tomorrow morning.  Here is a short video of Canada's latest space exploration:  Lego Man in (near) Space.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math Quiz on Unit 6 Lessons 1 and 2 (time zones and 24 h clock) on Thursday February 9.
2.  Book Report due February 23.
3.  Math HW Book pages 86-87.
4.  Spelling text page 31, # 4 and 5; page 32 # 8,10 and 11.  Write this work in your notebook after today's cycle activities.
5.  Spelling Cycle 7 -- no sentences.
6.  Sign and correct test packs for next Wednesday.

Tuesday HW
1.  Five sense poems due in class tomorrow.
2.  Spelling Cycle 6 Dictation tomorrow.
3.  Math Quiz on Unit 6 Lessons 1 and 2 (time zones and 24 h clock) on Thursday February 9.
4.  Book report due February 23. 
Here is a short refresher video  on the measurement concepts we are learning now from the Khan Academy.

Monday HW
1.  Grammar quiz on sentence stucture tomorrow.
2.  Five sense poems.  Two rough versions due tomorrow.
3.  Spelling Cycle #6 including sentences.  Dictation on Wednesday.
4.  Math Quiz on Time Zones and the 24 h clock on Thursday February 9.
The return of Music Monday!  In anticipation of our Electricity unit, here is an interesting video.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week of January 30 - February 3, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Sentence Structure test on Tuesday February 7.  See notes below on the particulars of the test.
2.  Ski form and fee.
3.  Book Report due on February 23.
4.  Surveys handed in.

Thursday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 84-85.  Today we looked at money up to $10 000.  A special emphasis was estimation by rounding to either the nearest $50 or nearest $100 depending on the context.  The students are reluctant to use estimation and prefer exact calculation with a calculator, but we do need to build our capacity to use estimation across the whole Math curriculum.
2.  Sentence structure test on Tuesday February 7, 2012.  This test covers the grammar activities we've done this week.  Student have several practice pages in three packages to review and a study sheet at the end of the last package to help prepare for the assessment.  The focus was on types of sentences (declarative, interrogatice, imperative and exclamatory), sentence styles (simple, compound, complex) and sentence orders (natural and inverted).
3.  Book Report reading.  Next report due Thursday February 23.
4.  Ski form and fee.
5.  Surveys to return.
6.  Interview requests to return.  Thank you.

Wednesday HW
1.  Ski form and fee due on Tuesday February 7.  Please let me know your plans for the day if you decide not to attend.
2.  Interview request forms ASAP.
3.  Book Report reading.
4.  Return completed Parent surveys.  Thank you!
5.  Math Text book pages 211-212 # 2 to 9.  We worked on this today in class for about 50 minutes.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 82-83.  Today's activity focussed on the 24 h clock and on the calculation of "elapsed time".  We spent a fair amount of class time practicing the 'counting on' technique for determining elapsed time.  I think the students should use that method rather than the subtraction algorithm I also showed them.  Subtraction can be prone to errors because of the regrouping tweak of trading 60 minutes for an hour rather than 10 or 100, as our place value systems would otherwise lead us to think.
2.  Ski form and fee due on Tuesday February 7.  Please let me know your plans for the day if you decide not to participate in the trip.
3.  Interview request forms returned ASAP.
4.  Book report reading. 
5.  Return completed Surveys and Severe Weather forms.  Thank you!

Monday HW
1. Math HW Book pages 80-81.  We started a new unit on Measurement.  Today's lesson was on Time Zones, which we examined earlier in our Social Studies unit on Canada's Links to the World.  Many students struggle to identify the provinces and territories on a map of Canada and name the capital city of each.  We did review this earlier in the year with a map activity despite the fact that it was covered in grade four.  It is worth reviewing independently after today's in-class discussion.
2.  Ski form and fee for Cross Country skiing at Hardwood Hills on February 22.
3.  Parent surveys were distributed today.
4.  Book Report reading  The next report is due on Thursday February 23.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week of January 23 - 27, 2012

Wednesday HW
1.  Severe Weather forms to be returned.
2.  Book Report reading.
3.  Wahanowin forms returned.  We have 28 of 30 responses back so far.  Prospects look go for the trip going forward.  I will keep families posted when we know for sure what the final price will be.

Tuesday HW
1.  Test Pack with parent signature and corrections is due on Monday January 30.
2.  Severe Weather permission form to be returned.
3.  Please have your Social Studies booklet in class tomorrow.

Monday HW
1.  Math Unit Test on Unit 5 tomorrow.
2.  Test Pack with parent signature and corrections due on Monday January 30.
3.  The Giver journal #1 for tomorrow.  We had at least 40 minutes t o work on this 1.5 - 2 page entry today in class.
4.  Wahanowin form and deposit.  Due January 25.  We have 20 responses so far.
5.  Severe weather permission form.  Please return it to class with a YES or a NO.  The form must come back one way or the other.  Thanks!
Music Monday:  Playing for Change -- "Stand By Me"

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week of January 16- 20, 2012

Thursday HW
1.  Math HW Book pages 78-79.
2.  Math Unit 5 Final Test on Tuesday January 24.
3.  Country Profile project due tomorrow.  Please have your file in class to transfer to the shared drive.
4.  Wahanowin form and deposit requested for January 25.  We have 16 responses to date.
5.  Extended French form with a YES or NO.
6.  Pajama Day tomorrow!
7.  Library tomorrow.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math Unit 5 Final Test Tuesday January 24.
2.  Guided Reading activities as assigned by group in class today.
3.  Country profile project due Friday January 20.  Presentation slots assigned today.
4.  Wahanowin forms and deposit.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz tomorrow Unit 5, Lessons 1 and 2.
2.  Book Report due tomorrow.
3.  Wahanowin forms and deposit.
4.  Extended French form.

Monday HW
1.  Guided Reading activities, by group, for tomorrow.
2.  Math Mean, Median and Mode practice sheet (double sided) for Wednesday.  This will function as quiz review as well.
3.  Math Quiz on Unit 5 Lessons 1 and 2 on Wednesday January 18.
4.  Book Report due Wednesday.
5.  Country Profile project Friday.
6.  Extended French Form.
7.  Wahanowin Form and deposit.  We have 14 submissions so far.  Thank you!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week of January 9 - 13, 2012

Happy New Year to all students and families in room 365.  I wish everyone all the best in the coming months.  It is good to see everyone back as we enter the final month before report cards for term one.

Friday HW
1.  Book Reports due Wednesday.
2.  Country Profile project due Friday.  Today was the final in-class work period for PowerPoint work.  If a students need to catch up they can stay in at recesses when I am not on duty or at lunch on Monday during Homework Club.
3.  Math Data Management quiz 1 on Wednesday, January 18 on Unit 5 , Lessons 1 and 2 (mean, median and mode; inferences).
4.  Science Space booklet pages 4 and 5.  We had 45 minutes today to complete these 10 questions.
5.  Extended French forms with a YES or NO.
6.  Wahanowin forms and deposit.  We have 13 confirmations to date.  Please return forms with your preference noted by January 25.  Thank you!

Thursday HW
1.  Book reports due January 18.
2.  Country Profile projects due January 20.
3.  Extended French forms with a YES or NO as soon as possible.
4.  Math HW book pages 74-75.
5.  Science booklet pages 1,2 and 3.  We have been working on these form two classes already.  The experiments (ie:  building a sundial) will be done at school.
6.  Wahanowin forms and deposit.  we have six confirmations to date.

Wednesday HW
1. Book reports due January 18.
2. Country Profile project due January 20.
3. Extended French forms to be returned with a YES or a NO.  Thank you!
4. Novel study four square setting sketch.
5. Math HW book pages 72-73.
6. Wahanowin forms and deposit.  We have had four confirmations to date.

Tuesday HW
1.  Book reports due January 18.
2.  Country Profile project due January 20.
3.  Hand Span graph from math today.
4.  Novel study four square character sketch
5.  Wahanowin forms and deposit.

Monday HW
1.  Book Reports are due Thursday January 18.
2.  Country profile project due January 20.
3.  Math HW Book catch-up on pages 68,69,70 and 71.  We worked on these pages before the break in class and as homework but I want to ensure they are all done before moving on to the next lessons.
4.  Science booklet page 1.
5.  Camp Wahanowin forms and deposit.  I apologize for the timing of these forms.  I completed them on September 20 but only received them back in the week before the Christmas break.  If anyone has questions about the excursion please don't hesitate to contact me.