Monday, April 27, 2015

Week of April 27 - May 1, 2015

Thursday HW

** Our network did not permit login yesterday (Wednesday) so i could not update the blog.  Sorry.

1.  Library period tomorrow.  Bring your book for exchange.
2.  Start to gather research material for your First Nations People culture study.  We identified group pairs, selected topics and divided tasks today.  I am looking at about three weeks until the draft is due.  Partners, who chose each other, can share research material, but each has her/his own task to perform and will be graded separately.
3. Raven Story board is due in good copy form on Monday.  We've had four class periods to work on it so far.

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS lesson 8.3.  Four of 23 were not ready when 8.2 was checked today, which represents a small improvement.
2.  Think carefully about a partner you can work with for our Social Studies First Nations project.  We will be looking at a rough copy due date about three weeks from tomorrow.  Your partner should match your level of commitment to school work for best results.

Monday HW
1.  MMS lesson 8.2 for checking tomorrow.
2.  Bring in any Pub Night forms.
3.  Please ensure you have a DEAR time book available in class each day.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week of April 20 - 24, 2015

Wednesday HW
1. Have your mural ideas ready for tomorrow (sports or movies/TV from the 1980's and 1990's)
2.  15 sentences -- one for each word from the Word Up list.
3.  Africville perspectives sheet is due tomorrow.

In today's homework check 6 out of 24 students did not have their MMS 8.1 ready for class, thereby missing out on the feedback during our correction time.  It is an ongoing concern of mine that home practice is frequently not ready by significant numbers of students.  A typical day's homework check finds between half a dozen to a dozen students unready for the day's correction.  That's an unusually high number.  I keep students in to complete the work and write agenda notes when possible.  Please ask to see your child's home practice each night.  Even if they say they finished at school you should expect then to bring it home so that you can look it over as a matter of routine.  Thank you for your help.

A goal for this unit is to have students becoming more comfortable with their multiplication table recall.  As the concepts progress during the year, a multiplication table sheet should become less necessary in order to complete calculations that feature more complexity, such as making conversions between equivalent fractions.

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS 8.1
2.  Spelling Word Up list # 8:  Alphabetical Order and Syllabication.  No derivatives this week because the words are all proper nouns.
3.  Scholastic orders due with a cheque on Friday April 24.

Today was a terrific day for the class.  I really felt like we had solid attention and effort across the board and made a significant dent on the planned activities for the day.  Thank you very much to the boys and girls and I hope to see many more days like this one.

Monday HW
We had a successful egg drop today.  The majority of our eggs survived their fall.  Since the eggs had not been refrigerated all day and were possibly cracked I held onto all of them (broken or not) and disposed of them safely at the end of the day.  No other homework was assigned.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week of April 13 - 17, 2015

Friday HW
1.   Egg Protector report writing went well today.  We will have our egg drop on Monday afternoon next week.  Any additional building should take place at home.

The kids have gym first thing in the morning and I have duty at 8:35 AM.  
If anyone is looking to leave the egg with me for safekeeping it has to be before 8:30 AM 
so I can be on time for my yard duty.

Thursday HW
1.  Math Quiz on Friday for Measurement lessons 6,7,8,9.
2.   Egg Protector building went well today.  We will work on the report tomorrow with a target egg drop on Monday or Tuesday next week.  Any additional building should take place at home.
3.  Library tomorrow.  Return books for exchange.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz on Friday for Measurement lessons 6,7,8,9.
2.  Egg Protector materials in class for Thursday.
3.  Page 37 of Spelling text.

Two notes of a general nature:
a)  A growing number of students regard our home practice as optional.  Today's MMS 6.6 check revealed nine of 24 students without no homework done.  Some amount of practice and reinforcement are beneficial for skill building.
b)  Our class was left with a surprising amount of debris, scraps and building garbage from our egg protector work.  I will encourage the kids to pick up after themselves with your help.  Thanks.

Monday HW
1.  MMS lesson 6.8.
2.  Spelling page 35, #1,2,3 and page 36 #5,6,7.  We worked on this today in class for 25 minutes.
3.  Spelling dictation tomorrow for Word Up List 8.
4.  A letter from the office was delivered today requesting materials for the Centennial Mural that our class is helping to compose.  The text of the letter is below:

April 16th, 2014

Dear Parents,
In order to honour Runnymede's Centennial, the student body has been creating murals for the last two years to showcase each decade. This year, the grade five students will be painting two murals of the 1980's and 1990's during the month of May. We are asking for donations of rags, margarine containers (and other similarly medium sized plastic containers) and old sheets to be used as drop cloths. If you are willing to donate any of these items, they would be greatly appreciated. Please send them to school over the next week with your child (collection date ends April 30th, 2015).

Andrew Reynolds.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week of April 7 - 10, 2015

Friday HW
1.  Health posters are due on Monday morning.
2.  MMS 6.7 is due for Monday.
3.  Our class is helping create the 1980's and 1990's panels of Runnymede's Centennial mural project this spring, starting on May 4.  I followed up the assembly we had earlier with a review of people, events and places in those time periods that might be considered iconic.  Our class voted to pursue Sports and Movies/TV for our images.  To that end I asked the kids to come up with four photos (perhaps 2 for each) that they could be interested in sketching and painting for the mural.  The focus is on Canada and Toronto, but World events can be part of it.  We are encouraging the positive and uplifting side of history in a general sense.  The students should have their choices ready for early next week.

Thursday HW
1.  Math quiz on lessons 6.4 and 6.5 tomorrow.
2.  Health posters are due on Monday morning.
3.  Spelling:  3 lists and 15 sentences.
4.  MMS 6.7 is due for Monday.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math quiz on lessons 6.4 and 6.5 on Friday
2.  Book Report due on Thursday.
3.  Health Posters are due on Monday April 13.
4.  Journal on Day of Pink

Tuesday HW
1.  Math quiz tomorrow on Lesson 6.1 and 6.2
2.  Math quiz on lessons 6.4 and 6.5 on Friday.
3.  Book Report due on Thursday.
4.  Journal on # 6 from page 212.