Monday, January 25, 2016

Week of January 25 - 29, 2016

Thursday HW
1. Tell me your Book Report topic choice tomorrow.
2.  Survey for Math due in good copy form tomorrow.  We have been working on it in class for five periods.
3.  Test pack is due tomorrow with a parent signature and corrections.
4.  Book Report is due February 11.
5.  Tomorrow is Pizza Lunch.

Wednesday HW
1. Dictation #12. tomorrow.
2.  Tell me the style of style of the book report you are doing on Friday.
3.  Sign and correct test pack for Friday.
4.  Book report is due February 11.

Tuesday HW
1.  Book Report due February 11.  Tell me your novel title tomorrow.
2.  Test pack due with parent signature, and corrections on Friday of this week.

Monday HW
1.  MMS HW book pages 74 -75.  These are the last pages in the duotang.
2.  The Genres poster must be handed in tomorrow.  After several class periods of partner work, the students had a final class today to complete it.  Any unfinished work must be wrapped up by one of the partners tonight.  Two indoor recess times were also offered today.

We had a talk today in class about the school shooting in Saskatchewan today.  The main points were that Runnymede is a safe place, that violence is an unacceptable way to deal with problems, and a reminder about pantomime 'gunplay' in the yard and halls.  No one is getting suspended or receiving detentions for that last item, but it is in questionable taste given the reality of modern school life.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week of January 18 - 21, 2016

(Note:  Friday January 22 is  PA Day and there is no school.)

Thursday HW
1.  Finish World Above/Below art.  It should be handed in on Monday.
2.  Finish the Literature Circle "Illustrator" image and provide the written reasoning for its importance in the novel in a few sentences on the back (i.e., "This scene represents the moment in the novel when ________ on page _____.  It's important and I chose it because ____________.)  This picture is also due in class on Monday.
3.  Keep thinking up clever , interesting and unique survey questions which would let you collect data and find the mean, mode and range.

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS pages 72-73
2.  Start thinking about a clever, interesting, unique survey question you can write and then gather data for.  Remember that it has to be a question that gathers data you can find the mean and mode and range for.  The activity is to be done in class, but the thinking can be done at home.  In class we discussed why the "What is your favourite...." style of question is uninteresting and not age -appropriate.

Tuesday HW
1.  Spelling Cycle for List 12 and fifteen sentences.  This is the last Spelling cycle for a while as we turn to other language activities.

Monday HW
1.  MMS HW duotang, pages 70-71.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week of January 11 - 15, 2016

Thursday HW
1.  Study for math quiz on Bar Graphs and Pictographs tomorrow.  It would be good to review the "Quick Review" sections of the homework duotang and the the "Connect" sections if you wish to carry the text home.  Make a list of the special vocabulary (In Bold Print) and definitions to help yourself in understanding the questions.  Practice a couple of problems that you've already done without looking at your original work and then compare your results.  All this is to say that preparing for a quiz would entail more than turning the pages of your homework book in order to be effective, worthwhile practice.
2.  Dictation for Word Up # 12 on Monday.

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS HW Lesson 5.3, pages 68-69.
2.  Math Quiz Friday -- Bar Graphs.
3.  Scholastic Orders due tomorrow.

Monday HW
1.  MMS HW Lesson 5.2, pages 66-67.
2.  Quiz on Bar Graphs on Friday, January 15.
3.  Gather some images or pictures connected to your genre poster.
4.  Scholastic orders due on Thursday this week rather than Friday.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week of January 4 - 8, 2016

Thursday HW
1.  Settings placemat is due tomorrow.
2.  Scholastic orders due Friday January 15.
3.  Dictation #11 tomorrow.  Spelling homework checked tomorrow...
4.  Health assignments from Mr. Kula today.

Wednesday HW
1.  Spelling cycle lists and 15 sentences for Word Up #11.
2.  Scholastic orders due Friday January 15, 2016.
We had 62 kids attend the first day of Chess Club and about 20 were from our class!  Wow!  We meet each Wednesday at lunch going forward.

Tuesday HW
We had seven students at homework club today after school.  We got some useful math help and practice done in that time.
1.  MMS Lesson 5.1, pages 64-65
2.  Scholastic Orders are due on Friday, January 15, 2016.  Cheques only please.

Monday HW
It was wonderful to see all the boys and girls once more.  They've really grown in just 2 weeks!  It was a terrific day of reconnecting and more than one student said how happy they were to be back at school.
1.  Spelling text work started in class today (p. 46 #1; p. 47 Acrostic; p. 48 # 2-7; and p. 49 #1-2.)