Monday, November 26, 2012

Week of November 26-30, 2012

All assigned homework is due on the next day unless otherwise noted.

Friday HW
1.  Unit 3 geometry test on Monday.
2.  Laptops for Project Penda.
3.  Find a name to whom you will send your formal letter.
4.  Library on Monday.

Thursday HW
1.  Math MMS Hw book pages 40-41.
2.  Math Unit 3 Final test on Monday December 3.
3.  Spelling Dictation #8 tomorrow.
4.  Grammar package #3 due tomorrow.

Wednesday HW
1.  Finish "Cell Phones in the Subway" Journal.
2.  Math HW:  MMS ppp. 42-43.
3.  Project Penda laptops.
4.  Math Unit Test on Geometry Unit 3 on Monday December 3.

Tuesday HW
1.  Today's grammar package [lessons 14, 15 and 16] should be completed for tomorrow.
2.  Biodiversity booklet page 13.  We started this on Friday in class, continued it yesterday and had a further 20 minutes for it today in class.
3.  Social Studies booklet page 5.
4.  Project Penda laptops?
5.  Rough Drafts of Biodiversity story done for tomorrrow.

Monday HW
1.  Make sentences from the fragments of lesson 10 grammar activities.  These sentences should appear in the writing notebook.  This is a continuation of in-class work (about 10 minutes) today.
2.   Spelling Cycle # 8:  4 Lists and 15 Sentences.  Dictation on Friday this week.  We had 30 minutes to make the lists and start the sentences today.
3.  Project Penda letter went home today.  We discussed the letter together and I took some questions.
4.  Social Studies Booklet pages 3 and 4.  We had about 75 minutes to work on this in class today.

Music on a Monday:  I like the global sentiments the song conveys.  It's a good kick-off for out Project Penda effort.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week of November 19 - 23, 2012

Wednesday HW
The afternoon was affected by the Strings symposium absences much as yesterday was with Band.  Students completed an Art assignment that was already in progress and the band students were able to catch up on Social Studies work we did on Tuesday.  Drama students used the extra time to forge ahead in their narratives.  Since they have more time to write and edit they may likely be typing their finished copies at the end.
1.  Final Patterning unit test tomorrow.
2.  Spelling Dictation #7 tomorrow.
3.  Book Report Reading.

Here is a Khan Academy video on Quadrilaterals.  Much of it is a review of grade 4 concepts from the Math Makes Sense text, but the information hasn't been retained well by all students so a review would be useful.  I am reinforcing this in 20 minute one-to-one practices that include compass and protractor support for polygon construction.  I've conferenced with twelve students so far.

Tuesday HW
1.  We had an unusual day due to the Girls 411 presentation (AM) and the Band symposium (PM).  Students were out of class for large portions of the day and no new work was started outside of the quiz during period 3, which was the only period in which my entire class was present.  We used the periods around that one to catch up on Social Studies work and to continue work on a narrative story draft.  There was no homework on Tuesday night.

Monday HW
1.  Cycle # 7 spelling work:  four lists and 15 sentences due tomorrow.  I checked each list today and most students were starting the third list in class when we wrapped up.  If you are absent, take a pretest with a friend at the next recess when I don't have duty and make your word up list using the #7 list on my webpage.  You should be ready to write on Thursday or Friday this week.
2.  Journal on The Giver.  If you are absent you can get the topic from a classmate at the next indoor recess when you return.
3.  Geometry Quiz tomorrow.  I handed out a study sheet to the students who were present today.  It is a model for students to follow when they create their own lists for future quizzes.
4.  Patterning final unit test on Thursday November 22.
If you are absent on test or quiz days, you should be prepared to write on the day you return. 

Music on a Monday:  I like the DIY aspect of this video.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week of November 12 - 16, 2012

Thursday HW
1.  Return Report Card envelopes with a parent signature.
2.  MMS homework book pages 38-39 are due on Monday.  We spent 20 minutes in class on it today.
3.  Spelling Text work I assigned in class today on pages 31 to 33 is due on Monday.  These are sight word spelling activities, capitalization exercises and reviews of word groups such as 'antonym' and 'homophone' which are frequently misunderstood in writing that I see in our class work.  We spent 25 minutes in class on these activities before they were assigned as homework.
4.  Geometry Quiz on Unit Three, Lessons 1 and 2, on Tuesday November 20.  A study sheet was given to all students to reinforce the vocabulary I mentioned earlier on Monday which should be memorized.
5.  Final Patterning Unit Test on Thursday November 22.
6.  Library period on Monday after Lunch.
Today was our final scheduled period on the Endangered Animal Biodiversity Powerpoint.  Student who are not yet finished should find time at recesses when I do not have duty to finish up by next Wednesday.  We will build success critieria together as a class early next week for oral presentations based on the strengths and needs shown in the News Journal cycle of presentations. The main focus is have student completely refrain from reading each slide to the class. 

Wednesday HW
1.  Return report card envelopes with a signature.
2.  Tomorrow is retake picture day.
3.  Dictation on Thursday -- Word Up # 6.
4.  Test pack # 4 is due tomorrow with corrections and a signature.  I handed it out on Friday November 9th.  (I received seven of them back to date.)

Our Blue Day participation was very well received by our Kindergarten reading buddies -- they loved it.   Way to go boys and girls!  Our final drama workshop with Andre Sills took place this afternoon.  The students showed great appreciation for his work, although we did have a less productive day than we did on Monday afternoon.
Tuesday HW
1.  Return report card envelopes with a signature.  Thank you.
2.  Dictation on Thursday:  Word Up #6.
3.  MMS Practice pages 36-37.  This work is due in class tomorrow for corrections.  We covered these attributes today:  scalene, isosceles and equilateral triangles, convex and concave polygons.
Wear BLUE tomorrow for Reading Buddies Blue Day.

Monday HW
1.  Return Interview request forms with preferred choices.
2.  Return Progress Report envelopes with a parent signature.
3.  Spelling Cycle #6:  4 lists and 15 sentences.
Today we spent a fair amount of time in Math reviewing the definition of an "attribute" ( a characteristic all things in a group share) and making a list of common ones in this Geometry unit. 
These included: regular and irregular figures; triangles (acute, right, obtuse, scalene, isosceles, equilateral); quadrilaterals (square, rectangle, paralleleogram, trapezoid, right angled trapezoid); pentagons; hexagons; octagons; angle types (acute, right, obtuse, reflex); equal sides; and parallel sides.
In addition to the motor skills needed to measure and construct angles and polygons in this unit, there is a significant amount of vocabulary to memorize, which is presented on our word wall in class.

Music on a Monday -- let's get fit!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week of November 5 - 9, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Poppy donations that remain should be handed in Monday.
2.  Test Pack # 4 handed out today.  It contains two Patterning quizzes, a Unit Two test, A Reading diagnostic on Point of View and a spelling dictation.  Please sign it and have your child return it with corrections next Thursday.
3.  We had a special visit to our Remembrance Day assembly from Lt.Col. Pascal Godbout, a Runnymede parent who serves in the Armed Forces.  He delivered a touching and informative presentation for our Junior students about what the day means for him, illuminating his talk with personal experiences.
4.  This afternoon we also had a two period visit from Zak, Runnymede's Green Teacher, who took our group on a guided visit through the Nature Garden, with a focus on human wants and needs and their effects on the environment. he will be back for a follow-up visit in January.

Thursday HW
1.  Dictation number 5 tomorrow.  I supervised the placement of all spelling notebooks into backpacks this morning after checking that everyone present today had a complete, correctly spelled list.
2.  Spelling text work on page 25, # 1,3 and 4; and on page 26 # 7, 8 and 9.  I will be checking these activities tomorrow for completion.
3.  The students worked very well on their PowerPoint presentations again today.  As an example, there were five boys who somehow materialized outside my third floor door from the schoolyard one second after the lunch bell in order to get a quicker start.  That was pretty appealing... well done boys!  There is a lot of sharing going on as well.  An impressive base of expert knowledge is being formed.  Next week we will finish up loose ends of the PPT and then shift to the story and other paper based formats we're using for the project.  A complete list of these requirements is found in the Biodiversity booklets.
4.  Poppy donation tomorrow.
5.  Zak (Green Teacher) visit tomorrow PM.
6.  Please look for a working protractor and compass for home use during our Geometry unit.

Wednesday HW
1.  Dictation #5 on Friday.
2.  Andre Sill (actor) visit tomorrow at 9 AM
3.  Zak (Green Teacher) visit on Friday (PM)
4.  MMS HW on pages 34-35.
5.  Poppy Donation on Thursday or Friday if you are able.
6.  Check at home for a good protractor and sturdy compass.  I provide these items for use at school, but the board-supplied compass is particularly flimsy and none of the items go home.  I recommend purchasing a math set for reliability if you are able to.
7.  Interview Request forms were sent home today for appointments next week.  Please return your form with three choices as soon as possible.

Tuesday HW
1.  Finish "comfort object" journal started in class today.  1 page, single spaced.
2.  Book Report due on November 8.
3.  Bring a poppy donation on Thursday or Friday if you are able.

We started a new unit on Geometry today with a Smart Board lesson on types of protractors and the basic angles we are constructing this year.  I will provide protractors for school use, but students should have one at home for home practice situations.  We also went outside to the Nature Garden to sketch tree shapes for a line-focussed Art activity.

Monday HW
1.  Spelling cycle #5 activities today:  four lists and 15 sentences.
2.  Book Report is due on Thursday November 8.
3.  Bring a poppy donation if you are able to on Thursday or Friday this week.

I marked the first Patterning quiz the students wrote last Tuesday.  The class average was 11.6/16 (72.5%).  The most common problem was recursive pattern solving and rule writing.