Monday, September 24, 2012

Week of September 24-28, 2012

Friday HW
1.  Find information (oral or printed) and bring it to class on Monday for the "Person I Admire" writing assignment.
2.  Have a Book Report novel in class on Monday.
3.  Warren Park form and fee.
4.  Stratford trip form and fee.
Thank you very much to the students of room 365 for their generous Terry Fox run donations.  Our class raised $270 $370, which is more than $15 per student on average.  Bravo boys and girls!

Thursday HW
1.  Complete the News Journal Summary nad Reflection from one of today's presenters.
2.  Warren Park trip form and fee.  Cash only please.
3.  Biodiversity booklet cover.
4.  Order of Operations Math Quiz (Unit 2.8) on Friday September 28.
5.  Math Problem of the Week due tomorrow.
We had an outstanding Terry Fox Run today.  The students were very generous and participated with grace and good will today.  Bravo!  We'll have an official count by tomorrow.

Wednesday HW
1.  Math HW book pages 26-27.  Nearly half of our class wasn't able to take part in our corrections today due to incomplete work or work left at home.
2.  Spelling Dictation # 3 tomorrow.
3.  Terry Fox Run is tomorrow.  Dress for the weather.  Keep those contributions coming!
4.  Problem of the Week is due on Friday.
5.  Order of Operations Math Quiz (Unit 2.8) on Friday September 28.

Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz Unit 2 Lessons 5 and 7 tomorrow.
2.  MMS Practice pages 24-25.
3.  Terry Fox fundraising.
4.  Problem of the week due Friday.
5.  Spelling Dictation # 3 on Thursday.

Monday HW
1.  News Journal - Summary and Reflection from today's presentations (which were terrific, BTW).
2.  MMS Practice pages 22-23.
3.  Running Shoe of the Future due tomorrow.
4.  Future Poem due tomorrow.
5.  Terry Fox Fundraising.  Thank you very much to the students in our class who held a garage sale and raised $250 for our school effort.  Wow!  I really admire your initiative and generosity of spirit.  It's inspiring!
6.  Math Unit 2 Quiz on Lessons 5 and 7 on Wednesday.
7.  Problem of the week due on Friday.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week of September 17 - 21, 2012.

Friday HW
1.  Terry Fox donations for fundraising.  The students have been generous so far, raising nearly $40 in the first 3 days.  Thank you and keep it coming!
2.  Math Quizzes next week:
Monday -- Unit 2, Lessons 1 to 4
Wednesday -- Unit 2, Lessons 5 and 7
3.  New Problem of the week handed out today:  "Angry Nerds App" is a Number Sense problem.  It is due next Friday.
4.  Correct test pack and return with a parent signature on Monday.
Our class went to the computer lab this morning and got our passwords updated.  Afterwards we took self-guided tours through my class web page and other software installed on the school computers.  Students should memorize their student numbers as they memorize their home phone numbers.  We stressed that passwords should be unique and never shared with friends.  We have computer lab time ever second week to supplement the macbook access we enjoy on the third floor.  Next activities will include Bitstrips online comic creation.

Thursday HW
1.  Future Verses Poem good copy due tomorrow.
2.  Problem of the week #2 due tomorrow.
3.  Terry Fox donations.
4.  A test pack (math quiz, 2 dictations, problem of the week) was handed to each student today.  Students should correct their mistakes, show the package to you and ask for it to be signed by a parent.  One signature will do.  I want to ensure that parents are made aware of ongoing progress.  Please have the test pack returned on Monday.
5.  Math Quizzes next week:
Monday Unit 2 Lessons 1,2,3,4
Wednesday Unit 2 Lessons 5 and 7.

Wednesday HW
1.  MMS Practice page 20 only.
2.  Unit 2 Math Quiz on Lessons 1,2,3 and 4 on Monday September 24.
3.  Unit 2 Math Quiz on Lessons 5 and 7 on Wednesday September 26.
4.  Spelling Dictation #2 tomorrow.
5.  All Future Paragraphs due tomorrow in good copy form.
6.  Terry Fox donations for our class goal of $365.

     Today 10 of the 22 students present did not have their Math practice ready in class (forgotten at home, not done) for corrections.  That was a surprising number given the lightness of yesterday's homework schedule.  Please ask your students if they have their books to show you, even if they say it was finished at school.  A quick once-over from a parent would be really helpful.  Thank you.
     After reviewing the Lunch forms sent back, I noticed a number of forms referred to unspecified days when students would be going home at lunch.  If your form stated that your child was regularly leaving school for lunch every Friday (or some other regular, consistent day of the week) I can process that confidently each week and no special notes are needed.  Making a change to stay for lunch is no problem, but leaving school grounds is significant concern for 10 and 11 year old students.
     If you wrote that your child would be out 'from time to time', or on irregular days, I need an agenda note or some other handwritten note confirming parent permission each time he or she is leaving for lunch.  Unfortunately there is no way for us to be sure that parental permission has been given if students tell us they are leaving and no note is provided.  It's a real risk based on past behaviour patterns with grade six students, who sometimes leave without permission.  We're trying to be accountable to parents for the safety of the students, which includes knowing where they are meant to be at lunch times.  I really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS practice pages 18-19.
2.  Bring a hat to school tomorrow.  Only three students had one today.
3.  Terry Fox fundraising goal: $365.  Let's start tomorrow.
Students from our class visited third floor classrooms to deliver a kickstarting talk about our Terry Fox school run fundraiser.  I received favourable reports about their composure and preparedness from the staff I spoke to afterwards.  Well done!

Monday HW
1.  Finish spelling lists and 15 sentences for Cycle # 2.  We worked on Friday and Today on this in class.
2.  Finish rough copy of the Future paragraph draft in the booklet.
3.  MMS practice book page 16. 
4.  Bring a hat to class.
We distributed the News Journal assignment due dates today.  Each student knows their individual due date and what is expected for a complete submission for this oral and written assignment.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week of September 10 - 14, 2012.

Friday HW
A sincere thank you to the parents who I met yesterday night at Curriculum Night.  I had some fruitful talks with everyone with whom I spoke.  If you have further questions now or at any point in the school year, please contact me through the agenda in writing or by phone at the school number.  We had about 15 student families represented last night.  I forwarded my curriculum handout to the students to bring home tonight if it was left behind last night.  Thank you again for your comments and feedback.
1.  Math Problem of the week was handed in today.  If you did not submit today, I will accept it on Monday, but I won't make a habit of chasing students for it.  A new one was given out today.  Copies can be found at this web address:
2.  Bring a novel to read in class for DEAR time and to prepare for the Book Report assignment I will introduce next week.
3.  Have a great weekend.  If anyone has hand sanitizer or paper towels and tissues they can contribute to the class they will be gratefully accepted.

Thursday HW
All parents and guardians are invited to tonight's Curriculum Night in room 365 at 7 PM.  I will be beginning my talk at 7:10.
1.  Spelling text page 9, # 1 and 2; page 10 # 4, 6 and 7.  We reviewed the instruction for each activity this afternoon in class.
2.  Math Problem of the week due tomorrow.
3.  Scholastic order due in class tomorrow.

Wednesday HW
Today's Math lesson focussed on the place values of large numbers.  We looked at how to construct a chart, how to write numbers metric-style with spaces rather than commas, and different ways to represent a number.  Our Math Word Wall is filling up with a range of vocabulary that the students should become comfortable using to talk about their work.
The year's calendar is complete with cycle days as well as PA days, holidays and, where known, proposed field trip days.  It will be updated on an ongoing basis.  Take a look at it at the bottom of this blog page.
1.  MMS Practice pages 14-15.
2.  Spelling dictation tomorrow.
3.  Problem of the week due on Friday.
4.  Spelling Cycle #1 lists and 15 sentences for tomorrow -- a good way to study for the dictation.
5.  Scholastic orders due on Friday.  I prefer cheques if possible.

Tuesday HW
Today we had a productive visit from a Stratford Conservatory actor named Andre Sill.  We did some warmups and practiced lines from the play using a variety of strategies to project our voices.  We will meet up with Andre again after we have seen the play for followup activities.
I am in the process of updating the calendar for the year on my blog.  You can find it at the bottom of this page.  It contains information about the cycle such as gym, music/drama times and tests or quizzes as they are announced.  September should be done by today with the remainder of the year completed shortly.

1.  Problem of the Week is due this Friday.
2.  Spelling Dictation will take place on Thursday this week.
3.  Math makes Sense (MMS) practice booklet pages 12 and 13.
4.  Photo for Future booklet.
5.  Tissue box and paper towel roll please.
6.  Scholastic orders due on Friday September 14.  I prefer cheque payment please.

Monday HW
1.  News Journal practice:  summary and reflection on the Piper article.
2.  Math Problem of the Week due on Friday.
3.  Spelling dictation # 1 on Thursday.
Tomorrow we have a visit from a Stratford Shakespeare Conservatory actor during period three.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to the 2012-13 School Year

Week of September 4-7, 2012

Friday HW
What a busy and eventful week!  It has been a real pleasure getting to know the students in the class.  We have learned plenty of routines and worked on reawakening some skills and knowledge.  The boys and girls are working hard and coming together as a group.  Pizza Day forms should have come home today for those interested in that monthly event.  Forms and money for that are due to me on September 21.
Next week we begin grade 6 unit work in earnest, starting with Math Number Sense (Unit 2 in the textbook).  You can expect to see a blue duotang of math practice at home most nights from Monday to Thursday.  Have a great weekend!

1.  Please bring in a paper towel roll and a box of tissue for class use.  About a third of the class has done so thus far.  It would be a big help this year.
2.  Agenda $ and forms.  Almost all of them are in.
3.  Spelling dictation # 1 on Thursday September 13.
4.  Stratford Trip is now on October 24.
5.  I assigned a Number Sense Problem of the Week today for Math that is due in class on Friday September 14.  These are due each Friday.  I am using a University of Waterloo Centre For Education in Mathematics and Computing Grade 5/6 math resource which is available online at the address shown below.  The solutions appear a week later and extra copies can be printed from the web by students who lose their pages.

Thursday HW
1.  Math Quiz tomorrow based on reviews.
2.  Agenda payment and parent signed letters returned.
3.  Photo of yourself for cut and paste.
4.  Tomorrow morning period one is gym.  Please meet Ms. Duke in the gym right away after the morning bell.  Do not come to room 365.  I will be teaching a kindergarten class during period one.

Wednesday HW
We had a very informative meeting today with Ms. Murphy from the Hospital for Sick Children and Ms. Madeira, Alex's parent.  The girls and boys had opportunities to learn about cancer treatment and to ask questions.  Each of the students were also invited to pen a note for our classmate and given tips on how to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment during his absences.  Daily hygiene (hand washing, sneezes, etc.) was also an area we spent some time discussing.  I will have hand sanitizer also available for those students that are comfortable using it after recess breaks. 
I think we learned a great deal today that will help going forward.  I invite parents to talk over the meeting with their children today.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at the number shown above.

1.  Math Review # 2.  Quiz on the reviews on Friday September 7.
2.  Roll of paper towel and box of tissue for class use.
3.  Agenda cost is $6.00.
4.  Bring a photo of yourself that you can cut up.
5.  Please return the signed parent forms from the first day package.

Tuesday HW
Today was a wonderful day.  It was a pleasure to get to know a new group of students.  We accomplished a great deal today and the boys and girls were outstanding.  An auspicious beginning to be sure. 
1.  Finish math review #1.  Quiz on Friday September 7.
2.  Bring a roll of paper towel and a box of kleenex tissue for class use.
3.  Agenda cost is $6.00
4.  Bring a photo to school of yourself that you can cut up.
5.  Please return the set of signed parent letters that were distributed today.  Thank you!

Greetings to the new students in my class for 2012-13. I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you during this first week. We will jump right into the school year with some ice breaker activities and Math and Language reviews. As the first week goes by we will be preparing for the first Math unit in Number Sense and the first Language activities with with News Journals, CASI and reading groups for novel studies and non-fiction. Also upcoming are a visit to Warren Park school on October 5 and our preparations for our Stratford visit to see Much Ado About Nothing on October 24, including actor workshops right in our classroom. It should be fun! As well Curriculum Night takes place on Thursday, September 13 in the evening. All parents are welcome. More information about times is forthcoming when it is available.
This blog will function as a weekly homework listing and be archived as the week ends. Be sure to check out my class webpage at all year long. Plenty of useful stuff is posted, including downloads of class handouts which students should use to replace lost work. Of special interest to parents and students in the class this year is the following information:
Dear Parents:
A student in our class is currently receiving treatment for a form of childhood cancer. This child is doing well and is excited to be at school when he is able. On Wednesday September 5 a community liaison nurse from the Hospital for Sick Children will be coming to speak to your son or daughter’s class about their friend’s illness. The presentation will include a short animated video and will provide an opportunity for students to ask questions.
If you have any questions please contact Mr. Reynolds at 393-9055 or speak to our vice-principal Mr. Sean Hume at 393-9060 (x20012).