Monday, January 26, 2015

Week of January 26 - 30, 2015

Thursday HW
Today's lesson in Language introduced the term 2 focus of "Point of View".  We discussed the meaning of the term and cycled through some examples.  Of particular interest was the missing point of view in a text.  we continued our decimal talk.  Students are still struggling with the correspondence of Base 10 blocks to place values, and had some wobbles in representing numbers on a hundredths grid.  In the afternoon we had Change Station experiment rotations for Science in groups of three while the remainder of the class worked on Social Studies.
1.  Return test pack 2 with a parent signature on Monday.
2.  Students were asked to consider bringing their own cheap earbuds for laptop use (viewing video clips).  I have cheap headphones that can be used but any personal earbuds are likely much better than my stock.  Nothing valuable should be taken to school.

Wednesday HW
Thank you very much for the Kleenex boxes!  I think we will be OK for the next few weeks.
Today we introduced a new math unit on Decimals.  We had a diagnostic based on grade 4 outcomes (proper and improper fractions, mixed numbers, hundreds grids, the meaning of "represent" a number, using base 10 blocks to model decimals with tenths and hundredths).  We also looked at the purpose of an introduction in Reading.
1.  A second test pack with Language, Science and Social Studies materials was distributed today.  I is due back in class with a parent signature on Monday.
2.  Scholastic orders will be logged and mailed on Friday this week.  Please send a cheque and order form if you wish to purchase any materials from Scholastic.

Tuesday HW
The students worked very well today.  There are plenty of coughing kids so I am encouraging water bottle use and drinks.  Lots of runny noses too.  Stay healthy...
I introduced the first steps of a book club today.  It is designed to appeal to the oral language sharing strengths of students.  Right now the students are selecting a trio of books from my sets in which they are interested.  I will use their choices to make small groups.  Stay tuned for more details.

1. Math test bundle with signature due tomorrow.
2.  We are out of Kleenex tissues.  If you are able to donate a box for class use the kids would appreciate it.  Thanks!

Monday HW:
1.  I distributed a Math bundle of test today.  Please sign the top and return the set by Wednesday.  Another bundle is waiting.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week of January 19 - 23, 2015

Wednesday HW
1.  2 Minute Drill:  students should be prepared to give a short talk, without notes on their Story of Stuff.  The basic structure is an introduction, a mention of what it is made from, how the materials are gathered, how they are changed in a factory and how the process affects the environment.  Close with a short personal opinion/judgment about whether you think you item should continue to be made or not.
No Notes/No Scripts.

Tuesday HW
1.  Both the "Story of Stuff" (five short paragraphs and some drawn pictures) and the "Create a Country" (three longer paragraphs and a map or graph) assignments are due tomorrow by 3:15 PM.  We had a productive day today.  We will have more time in class tomorrow to finish it off.  It is my preference that we finish the work at school if possible.  I have assigned idea generation and research gathering as homework over the past two weeks but the composition has largely been done in class.

Monday HW
1.  The good copy of the Story of Stuff is due with hand drawn pictures in class on Wednesday, January 21.
The students have healthy amounts of class time to do this work and several have completed the good copy writing already.
2.  The good copy of the paired "Create -a- Country" activity is due in class on Wednesday, January 21.  The students have had considerable amounts of class time to do this work with partner input.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week of January 12 - 16, 2015

Friday HW
I asked the students to find a 30 to 60 second advertisement in which they were interested to be able to write about in class.  They should know all the details of the events of characters in a sequence as well as the product being sold.

Wednesday HW
1.  We have a data management quiz on line graphs and interpreting data on Friday January 16.  A study sheet will be provided on Thursday.
2.  Many more students were prepared for the Story of Stuff work periods we had today.  Thank you!  I asked students to think about the environmental impact of their object and jot down three ideas in their agendas.  Examples and some guiding questions are in the booklet.

Tuesday HW
1.  MMS 5.6.  Today was the last lesson on Data Management in this unit.  We will be starting work on Number Sense (Decimals) this week.
2.  20 of 29 students were prepared for today's Story of Stuff research note taking period.  The other nine either left their notes at home or 'forgot' to locate any material over the past seven days.  The due date is next Thursday January 22, which leaves little time for delays like this.  I attempted to phone or write notes for as many students as I could when I noticed they were unprepared.  Today we worked on the elements of an interesting introduction and created a 4 level description of the range of lead-off sentences.  We will try again tomorrow to work on the "Extraction" and "Production" portions of the Story.

Monday HW
1. Tomorrow is a Story of Stuff day.  Students should come to school with research material (from the web, from a library) so that they can begin composing the five paragraphs they need to describe the stages of transformation into the final product chosen by the student.  Students have seen many examples of completed work and should be able to predict and deliver the length of the finished product on an 18 X 24 page.
2.  Your Citizen profile should be done in rough form in the Social Studies booklet.  This should be a creation of yours of a leading citizen in the field of Art, Music, Sport or Leadership in your created country.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week of January 5 - 9, 2015

Friday HW:
There is no formal homework today, but students should be making efforts to find out information about how the object they chose for the "Story of Stuff" is made.  A complete listing of the activity guidelines is included in the Changes in Matter booklet in which we do our in class work.  There is also an organizer in that booklet.  Students have seen a video outlining the process and have seen several examples of what a finished product looks like:  five short paragraphs, a heading and some hand drawn pictures on an 18 x 24 piece of manila paper.

Thursday HW
1.  Story of Stuff research should continue.  Focus on the extraction phase.
2.  Write three rough sentences for your citizen profile in the Create-a- Country activity.
3.  MMS lesson 5.5

Wednesday HW
1.  Story of Stuff research should continue.  You should have a list of the raw materials your object is made from for tomorrow.  Record this list in your agenda.
2.  A "Create a country"  in-class assignment was introduced today.  This is a partner project but each member has specific parts of the assignment and each will be marked independently.  The work is creative rather than research based so it can be done using ideas introduced in the unit.  We are looking at being done by January 22.  Tonight students should come up with three ideas about the leading citizen they invented.

Tuesday HW:
1.  Start "Story of Stuff" research.  Topics were selected today and we watched a Story of Stuff video.  You can view it to for some background.  It is widely available on Youtube.
2.  MMS, Lesson 5.4.

Monday HW:
Welcome back and happy new year!
1.  Choose three topics you would consider researching for our "Story of Stuff" report in science which we introduced today.  Remember what goes into making a good topic.  A car or computer are not suitable choices because they have too many different pieces. Also remember that we are looking at making a class book of 30 unique things, so I will not permit repeat topics.