Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week of November 22-26, 2010

Friday HW
Gather and read some research materials that are connected to your Social Studies project.  This is important preparatory work so students can get a good start.  Everyone should have at least one reasonably good information source in class to use with the reseatch organizers by Monday, as the class time portion of our project work gets underway.  My web page has some good links that I've tested.

Thursday HW
1. Math HW book pages 42-43.  Isometric drawing was a challenging topic today.  We spent 40 minutes building solids and then drawing them on dot paper.  We'll review again tomorrow, time permitting. 
2. The Novel Study and Guided Reading activities are coming along well.  Almost all the kids are working really steadily on these two reading assignments. 
3. Social Studies booklet pages 7 and 8.  We spent an hour in class on these today doing surveys amongst peers, so the kids should have a very good start on it.  During a booklet check I found that a significant number of students had between one and three pages completely untouched out of the six we've started in class and assigned as homework so far. There is some catching up to do.  If they are behind our pace they are welcome to stay in at recess to catch up. 
We also had a Library book exchange today in which students could sign out books related to their projects and a DPA period.
4. Geometry Quiz on Unit 3 Lessons 1 and 2 tomorrow.  Kids should know how to identify angles, including reflex angles, and draw them accurately with a protractor.  All students received a protractor from me and should have it in class tomorrow.  A ruler is another essential tool for this quiz and this unit.  I expect to see ruler use in all sketches.  The students should also know what attributes are, how to sort using them and be able to distinguish between and construct polygons that are concave and convex.
Geometry Unit Test on Unit 3 is on Thursday December 3.
5. I appreciate the effort made to get the Social Studies topic sheets signed.  Almost all students were up to date in that regard.  Thank you!

Wednesday HW
Math HW book pages 40-41.  Geometry Quiz on Unit 3 Lessons 1 and 2 on Friday November 26.  Geometry Unit Test on Unit 3 is on Thursday December 3. 
20 of 32 students did not get their project topic sheet with due date signed by a parent last night.  This is one of the few ways I can ensure parents know about upcoming projects.  Please take time to initial your child's assignment so I am aware that you know about it.  Thanks!
Social Studies Booklet pages 5 and 6 to complete.  Begin gathering research for project due Thursday January 13.  The students are being shown models of a finished project and are given much in-class time to start on the organizers to sort their research reading.  Library book exchange tomorrow.  Monthly calendar is updated on my web page.  A paper version will be ready for the month of December.

Tuesday HW
Sign Social Studies Project topic sheet.  Begin gathering research.  Due Thursday January 13.  Math Quizzes and Tests:  Geometry Quiz on Unit 3 Lessons 1 and 2 on Friday November 26.  Geometry Unit Test on Unit 3 is on Thursday December 3.  Today we completed some novel study activities and day one of Guided Reading activities.  Students who are absent should plan to miss one or more recesses to catch up.  We also went outside to the Nature Garden to sketch trees for "A World Above and A World Below".  Good copy works starts next day.

Monday HW
Math HW book pages 39-40.  Mr. Reynolds was absent today.  Agendas were not signed.