Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Week of October 8 - 12, 2018

Wednesday HW
1.  Math Quiz Friday on Unit 2, Order of Operations.  This is a short quiz on one lesson.
2.  News Journal article selection should be underway or already done.  Choose an article that is long enough for a summary, but not unmanageably long, and an article that is recent and of interest to your peers for best results.  You could look online at teachingkidsnews.com or on the CBC Kids News site if you are stumped.  Articles from Metro or CP24 online are often too short to work with.
3.  Book Report # 1 is due on October 18.
4.  20 minutes of reading.
Tuesday HW
1.  Math Quiz tomorrow on Unit 2, Lessons 5 and 7.
2.  News Journal practice #3.  Write 2 paragraphs on the Piper article we looked at in class today.  The first paragraph should be a minimum five paragraph summary.  Students could use the notes we posted on the board to help with that.  The second paragraph should be a minimum five paragraph reflection and connection paragraph.  We looked at a sheep dog YouTube video to make a real-world connection together as a class.
3.  Book Report # 1 is due on October 18.
4.  Due dates for individual News Journal Current Events presentations were given out today.  Each student has two copies of the good copy page.  On the due date, students should have a W5H fact breakdown sheet, the original article clipped out, and a good copy page (containing a New headline, a Summary in paragraphs, a Drawn image, and three questions on the reverse side).